Protect Yourself: Beware of Unauthorized Training Providers!

    Protect Yourself: Beware of Unauthorized Training Providers!

    Geetika Sehgal | Nov 10, 2017 | 696 Views | 0 Comments
    Protect Yourself: Beware of Unauthorized Training Providers!

    Training is a key component to ensure an individual’s competence.

    Therefore, quality training has always been an essential part of the IT industry.

    Unfortunately, there are always those unauthorized training companies/centers/institutes/providers that prefer to operate illegally or offer fake certifications across the boundaries.

    They advertise fabricated credentials to faultless students and professionals of the industry, who are looking to validate their skills and expertise via training and certification.

    This causes harm not only to the students and professionals but also to many trustworthy, honest and authorized training providers who follow the rules, offer quality training, and continuously seek to improve their products and services to meet customer needs.

    Students and professionals willing to learn and excel must stay cautious while applying for the training course. They must cross-check the identity, authenticity, and authorization of the training provider who will be conducting the training program.

    At a minimum, they must also check whether the authorization is still valid or not.  

    It has been observed that the courseware provided by fake certification training centers are outdated and the course materials are based on plagiarized training. This way students and professionals taking training from fake or unauthorized centers are fooled and do not get the real training delivery.

    So please remember that if you are not taking your class directly from the main vendor while trying to meet your hands-on course requirement, then you should make sure that your training facility is authorized to provide you the training.

    As per rules and regulations, only training from its authorized partners may count towards certification. Verification is necessary because fake training institutes/centers claim that their training is accepted toward Certification (when it is not), generally to mislead the candidates. Don’t take their word for it, to protect yourself.

    Now the question arises that how would you find out whether a training provider has an official accreditation with a certain vendor.

    So to check the authorization of a training center, it becomes highly  essential for you to look-up at the official website of the direct vendor, for example, a link that showcases Mercury Solutions Limited as the official and authorized training partner of VMware is, VMware Training Partners 


    Here you will find us on the list of authorized training partners of VMware, under the section, Asia Pacific - India.


    Mercury Solutions Limited urges the students and professionals to verify the credentials of any such training provider who claims to deliver official and authorized training.

    As many reports have indicated that some training providers may be advertising “approved” or “official” courses when they are not authorized to provide them. There are also reports of non-accredited or unauthorized training providers issuing forged training certificates, as well as centers that are no longer authorized are not acknowledging this fact to its customers.

    Beware of such fake and unauthorized training centers/providers and all the very best for your future training and certifications.  





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    • Permissible and Legitimate

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