10 Best Big Data Certification To Look For in 2021
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    10 Best Big Data Certification To Look For in 2021

    Devarpita Pathak | Mar 11, 2019 | 2052 Views | 0 Comments
    10 Best Big Data Certification To Look For in 2021

    Big Data is the latest and growing trend, as it has been predicted (by recent data sources - IDC ) that by 2020 every human will be generating 2 MG data per sec (approx), which add up to more than 44 trillion GB. It will be contributing to 40,000 Google search queries per second, 3 million videos per minute and billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

    Along with overwhelming data sources, the Big data certifications are also mushrooming rapidly. So, those who are looking for taking the leap into Big Data career should carefully analyze, research and choose the specialties wisely.

    Top 10 Best Big Data Certification To Look For in 2021

    Big data certification

    The vendor platforms can often determine what would be the top in-demand credentials to help you get ahead in our big data career:

    1.  SAP Hana Certification:

    SAP Hana is about in-memory analytics. The SAP Certified Application Specialist - is powered by HANA SPS12 (Edition 2016) certification exam. It deals with implementing and modeling SAP BW on SAP HANA. In this program, you must complete certain SAP courses to become eligible to take the exam.

    2. AWS Certification Big Data Specialty:

    This exam validates your technical expertise in designing and implementing AWS services to derive value from data. In order to become Amazon Big Data Specialist, you need to pursue and attain one certification from Amazon collection, such as Solutions Architect, Develop, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Practitioner or SysOps Administrator.

    3. MCSE - Data Management and Analytics:

    MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), is an extremely popular certification level. Microsoft has MCSE certification into various domains such as Business Applications, Data Management, Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, and Analytics, Mobility and Productivity. Microsoft programs focus on Azure, SQL Server, and others. The Big Data and analytics certification encompass Microsoft BI and analytics platforms, running SQL Server systems in cloud environments, how to operate big data in the Azure cloud or and deploying enterprise databases and others. This course is aimed at someone who is looking for a career as a database analyst/designer, BI analyst.
    The typical career path is to pursue MCSA in either SQL Server 2012/2014, or SQL 2016 Database Administration, Machine Learning, Database Development, BI Development, Data Engineering with Azure or BI Reporting. Upon completing this program you take the exam to earn MCSA - Data Management.

    4. Micro Focus Vertica:

    After Micro Focus took over Vertica from HPE it offers training programs, like - Descriptive Analytics, Performance Tuning and Database Administration, and Vertica Essentials. These are some of the top courses for those working in organizations invested in the Vertica platform.

    5. Intro to R for Data Science:

    Rprimarily offered by Revolution Analytics is now a part of Microsoft has become major in data science and statistics. This course, being a part of Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science, helps the data science professionals in gaining the technical expertise to use R statistical language in advanced analytics. The training includes life cycle analysis, strategic data analysis, basic analytics theory, and modeling.

    6. Cloudera Certified Professional:

    Cloudera has now assembled a huge collection of big data-focused certifications which fall under Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) label. This certification, Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer offers the skills for developing reliable, scalable and autonomous data pipelines to provide optimized data sets. Like Microsoft, this course is aimed at the professionals dedicated to Cloudera environments, such as Hadoop and Spark Developer, CCA Administrator, CCA Data Analyst.

    7. EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certifications:

    EMC training covers big data, MapReduce, analytic methods, Hadoop, analyzing unstructured data, Hive, Pig, HBase, social network analysis, natural language processing, multinomial logistic regression, data virtualization, random forests, and simulation.

    8. SAS Academy for Data Science:

    Students reach out to SAS Academy for Data Science to master the fields of big data management, machine learning, advanced analytics, text analytics and, data visualization. However, the most challenging certification is SAS Certified Data Scientist, it has five exams and four credentials.
    For the data scientist certification, you require to have SAS Advanced Analytics Professional and SAS Big Data Professional certifications. For SAS Certified Big Data Professional certification, you must have good programming skills to implement data management and visual data exploration. This program revolves around SAS BI and analytics tools.

    9. Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Certified Implementation Specialist:

    This Oracle certification is for the users of the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite and is related to working with the dashboards, metadata repositories, queries, BI management, and security settings. Several additional courses related to Oracle BI are recommended by the company to prepare for this exam, which also includes a boot camp.

    10. Google Analytics Academy:

    This platform is free and centered on the intricacies of Google Analytics. It has become so pervasive that acquiring a good knowledge of it would lead to career advancement. Google offers various courses for the beginners and advanced features which include data collection, configuration, processing, complex analysis and the usage of Google Analytics in Marketing. Additionally, higher level courses are also available on Ecommerce Analytics, Google Analytics 360, and Google Tag Manager fundamentals.

    Choose the best certification for yourself to formulate a well-thought-out a career path in the vigorously evolving field of Big Data. Data Science and Analytics could be regarded as the most rapidly advancing technology. Save a good place for yourself in the data-oriented world of technology by acquiring valuable certifications to benefit your career.

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