Why Does Your Business Need A Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator?

    Why Does Your Business Need A Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator?

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    Why Does Your Business Need A Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator?

    When a crime has occurred, the next immediate step would be to collect the evidence from the crime spot. The collected sample(s) would be sent to the forensic investigator for further investigations that helps to track the culprit[s]. Thereafter it would be in the hands of the law for prosecution.

    Likewise, in case of a digital crime, there exists footprint. Tracking the evidence by the digital forensic investigator paves a path to prosecute the invader. Further, the proactive analysis should be taken forward with implementation changes, i.e., an actionable plan has to be done and executed.

    And, to do so, hiring a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator [CHFI] leads to a long way and supports your business by being protected from digital crime.

    Let us know how.

    Any businesses online for that matter, need protection from data breach as they may be the next immediate target by the malicious invaders. The size of the businesses does not matter to be the next target.

    Henceforth, hiring a CHFI, or training a few of your staff with Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Certifications would help to tackle your business from the cyber crimes and prevent data loss.

    Digital forensics is nowhere different from a civilian crime and represents tracking of digital evidence. It refers to the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques so as to determine and collect the potential legal evidence.

    Let us learn more about forensics, and how a CHFI would help the business to protect data from a breach.

    The computer crime or the misuse includes theft or destruction of trade secrets, intellectual property, or any other kind of fraud. The data could be a deleted data, encrypted data, damaged file, and more.

    The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators [CHFI] imply an array of methods to discover these data in the computer system and helps to track the hackers, recover the stolen data, follow the root to its source on attacks, and, other related investigations.

    When a business witnesses a security breach, it is important to know the causes and take appreciable measures to manage and prevent them from recurring in future. A CHFI staff would successfully maintain the security technologies, perform investigatory actions and legal functions.  

    Electronic evidence play a key role in case of situations like the disloyal employees, contract breach, computer break-ins, e-mail fraud, web page defacement, bankruptcy, industrial espionage, defacement of the web page, and more.

    Electronic evidence play a key role in case of situations like the disloyal employees, contract breach, computer break-ins, e-mail fraud, web page defacement, bankruptcy, industrial espionage, defacement of the web page, and more.

    The CHFI certified professional performs the following investigations in case a cybercrime occurs and maintains tight security system.

    • Identifies data, images, and/or activity as a target of an internal investigation
    • Analyze the text, digital images, graphics, and other multimedia units.
    • Examines electronic storage media like the hard disk drives, and etc
    • Performs bit-stream imaging of the seized digital media
    • Collects electronic evidence, recovers data from the hard drives and other storage
    • Follows and maintains data/evidence handling procedures, audit trails
    • Prepares and maintains case files, reports computer-based evidence
    • Utilizes Internet use history, forensic tools, word processing documents, images, and other files
    • Accumulate volatile and non-volatile information, recover deleted files, and partitions in any of the operating systems like Linux, Windows, or the Mac OS X.
    • Investigate events to get a loophole for any insider threats or attacks
    • Plan, coordinate, direct incident analysis tasks, and recovery activities
    • Perform keyword searches and conduct reverse engineering for suspected/known files
    • Search file slack space, file header, and type crack password protected files
    • Examine and review e-mail communications, Internet browsing histories, event sequences, and, etc.
    • Recover active and hidden files along with time stamp information and detect anti-forensics.
    • Be the first responder to secure, evaluate, and, conduct a post-intrusion analysis of a cybercrime scene.
    • Conduct event correlation, extract and analyze logs from all kinds of devices like the Desktops, laptops, SIM tools, IPSes, IDSes, firewalls, servers, routers, AD servers, switches, DHCP servers, Access Control Systems, and, etc.
    • Maintain confidentiality and provide expert witness testimony to support the conducted forensic examinations.
    • Perform fundamental forensic activities, apply advanced forensic tools and techniques to reconstruct attacks.
    • Provide assistance to prepare search and seizure warrants, court orders, and other formalities regarding the cyber attack.
    • Follow the policy and procedures for evidence handling, examination, safety, and security.
    • Support pro-active profiling and scenario modeling.

    In brief, the CHFI helps their employers to identify high-risk operating standards, look for remedy, and thus reduce the business impacts of any kind of breach that has occurred. Moreover, CHFI meets the legal requirements by producing evidence[s] and secure the digital crimes.

    These duties performed by CHFI clearly indicate their certification value. The course enables them to possess a strong baseline of key concepts and practices involved in the digital or computer forensics for computers, networks, and mobiles in relevance to the organizations today.

    Thus, take advantage of the Certified Hacking Forensic Investigators’ for your business and maintain the business in alignment with the security rules and policies.

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