Winning Benefits of CEH Certification in 2019
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    Winning Benefits of CEH Certification in 2019

    Devarpita Pathak | Feb 15, 2019 | 914 Views | 0 Comments
    Winning Benefits of CEH Certification in 2019

    How will your organization react when an intruder gains access to confidential info? Building a response plan is not a remedy instead, having a security system that leaves no loopholes for vulnerabilities is what every organization is aiming to achieve these days. 

    Owing to the widespread demand for information security courses, CEH is gaining popularity. Thousands of professionals across the world are in the process of attaining CEH certification. CEH is one of the pioneers to bring ‘black hat’ hacking techniques to the mainstream IT professionals and organizations, with the aim to provide hands-on knowledge and techniques to prevent and respond to cybercriminal attacks. With technology experts certified in CEH, in the workforce, preventing techniques and response time to cyber-criminal attacks will reduce drastically.

    However, that’s not all, there are other overwhelming benefits of CEH training program. So, before you start investing your time and money in it, just figure out what all benefits can CEH deliver to you in 2019:


    • Enhance Your Knowledge of vulnerabilities and risks.
    • Learn to think like a Hacker.
    • Useful for Penetration tester and other professionals.
    • Boost Your Salary upon CEH Certification.
    • Advanced Information Security Career Avenues.
    • Expertise using real-world hacking tools & techniques.

    Let’s us now see each of these benefits, at length. in this blog and finally, you will also get to know the right place to get CEH Training fast:

    1. Enhance Your Knowledge of vulnerabilities and risks

    With the swiftly evolving techniques of cybercriminals to attack IT infrastructure and exploit by intruding through vulnerabilities, constant updates and regular knowledge update is mandatory, to deal with it. With CEH training and certification exam preparation, you will get enough learning to understand how hackers assess your network to determine whether you are a target for attack. In CEH introductory modules only you get to know about this process. Every domain of the CEH curriculum provides a solid base and understanding to equip you with knowledge of the organization.

    ceh benefits

    2. Learning to Think Like A Hacker

    You get the insight into the thinking prowess of a cyber-criminal, which better equip you with skills and aptitude to battle with them and involve reacting to threats and events in the shortest of reaction time. It is important to understand how these criminals conduct their attacks and prepare strategies. You can then take a proactive approach, look beyond the current strategies and policies.

    3. Useful for Penetration Tester and Other Professionals

    CEH certification besides benefitting penetration testers, is also ideal certification for IT Security and Network professionals. So, as you are already a networking professional, you already have your fundamentals in place to build the cybersecurity knowledge with CEH. The CEH modules when imparted using recognized training, equip you with real-world knowledge to secure your network against cybercriminals.

    ceh training calander

    Besides the mainstream Information security professionals, seasoned IT network professionals can also pursue CEH training and certification and build practical network security knowledge, as when it combines with the theory and managerial skills it opens your cross-functional roles.

    4. Boost Your Salary upon CEH Certification

    CEH Certification is an industry-recognized certification and is a clear benchmark for your skills and is one of the critical credentials when transition for new roles. The average salary for professionals with CEH certification is £55,000 and is expected to increase in coming time as per roles, as per recent surveys.

    ceh salary data

    5. Advanced Information Security Career Avenues

    So, you are already in the IT industry, have your fundamentals strong and want to progress now in your career (you already have CompTIA A+, N+ or security or CCNA credentials). It is the right turn for you, CEH provides the direction to expand your IT career by increasing your IT security knowledge and break into rewarding roles in cybersecurity, alongside your regular domain. You will get to know about the tools and techniques used by hackers.

    6. Expertise Using Real-World Hacking Tools & Techniques

    CEH tools

    During the CEH exam prep training program, you will learn to use tools and techniques that include 140 real-world labs and over 2200 hacking tools. In the process, you will gain the skills used by malicious attackers that allow you to better safeguard your networks, applications and other assets.

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