7 Benefits of Oracle Certifications You should know [UPDATED]
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    7 Benefits of Oracle Certifications You should know [UPDATED]

    Asha Devi N D | Apr 07, 2018 | 8502 Views | 0 Comments
    7 Benefits of Oracle Certifications You should know [UPDATED]

    Earning Certification in any of the recognized Oracle technology or level such as OCA or OCP imparts immense confidence and prepare you to resolve the most challenging issues in the techno-world.

    More than 80% of the Oracle Certified Professionals [OCPs] report an appreciable increase in the salary, growth in their learning and career curve.

    As the implementation of Oracle technology is highly profitable, it forms the lucrative career option for modern IT professionals among the top new-age tech skills.

    Before knowing what are the endorsements you would have with Oracle Certification, here is a snippet from the fact sheet on the infiltration of Oracle into the techno-world.

    • About 4,30,000 customers in 175 countries have implemented Oracle and are successfully meeting the business opportunities by solving the real and tangible challenges.
    • It is helping them to develop roadmaps in a strategic manner and forward their way into the cloud. The deployment of new cloud, hybrid implementation, and legacy environments is easier.
    • The complete and integrated approach of Oracle is helping the customers in each step of their digital energy and also enabling them to expand their service[s] easily as the business grows.
    • It is leveraging the latest and emerging technologies as well. It includes Machine Learning, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, or the Internet of Things and acts as the business differentiator.
    • The enterprises are driving their business process efficiency and accelerating digital transformation as they are able to innovate faster and enhance the customer engagement
    • It provides the industry-specific applications and serves the business units like education, hospitality, retail, financial services, public sector, health sciences, utility industries, and so forth.

    Furthermore, the global cloud-based enterprise resource planning [ERP] market is expected to more than double by 2023 and Oracle is one among the key players apart from IBM, Microsoft, Sage Group, Aptean, and others. All of them have adopted competitive strategies and helps the market to grow. A few of the strategies include M&A, geographical expansions, product launches, collaborations, and, etc.  

    And, the Wise Guy reports says that the BI market continues to be dominated by the big five BI vendors: SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and SAS.


    Being the key vendor in the market and lakhs of customers to its credit, Oracle’s demand is high which implies that there is an ever-increasing demand for the Oracle Certified Professionals.

    Let’s move further and investigate the individual benefits of Oracle Certifications

    1. Stay Distinct:

    Oracle qualifications, without doubt, offers an added advantage, especially when several candidates are competing for a single position. It shows the potential employer that you, as a candidate, are committed to learn and upgrade your skills in your trade and claims to make you productive as soon as you hit the floor.

    2. Growing demand in the industry:

    Demand for Oracle Certifications is increasing at an incredible pace. Professionals are required to know the skills that make them attractive to hiring managers. These hiring managers often look for various ways to differentiate employees and prospective employees with solid skills needed for a job role for better performance.

    3. Increase your visibility in the organization:

    The Oracle programs assist IT industry to make distinctions by developing a standard of competence in key entry levels. Oracle certified Professionals increases visibility in their organization which is the basis of career advancement in any organization, owing to the recognition of their skills.

    4. Stepping stone to a successful career:

    Oracle qualification fortifies your solid understanding of the foundation skills in a given job role that you may apply at an apprentice level or entry level.

    Upon qualifying for Oracle OCA DBA credential, you increase your chances of getting hired at an entry-level job for sure. It acts as a stepping stone to reach a successful career as an Oracle professional.

    Upon OCA you are ready to go for OCP level qualification, as you are now ready to display the complete range of skills required by Oracle professionals in your chosen job role. OCP credentials is in high demand in the industry these days.

    This demand for trained and certified professionals raises your visibility and give you the most rewarding and challenging opportunities.

    oracle training on demand

    5. Increased Opportunity:

    With better career opportunities come higher salary and greater stability. As ‘big data’ is becoming the buzzword today and it is an asset for the organization’s business transformation, DBAs are in high demand. Needless to say, Oracle leads the DBMS/DBA certification sphere.

    6. Better ROI with better performance and loyalty:

    These qualifications, when implemented by corporates, begets loyalty among IT professionals. With satisfied and skilled employees, businesses are sure to attain better Return on Investments. So, we may conclude that Training and imparting Certifications to employees directly impact company’s success.

    7. Secure Digital Badge:

    When you earn the certification you can flaunt your Oracle Certification badge to your social media profiles, such as – LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

    Besides validating your professional and technical expertise, it has been found that this badge proves more useful in terms of verification. It displays your hard work for attaining expertise and each badge offer validation of specific skills that you have attained.

    With reference to Oracle Certification Marketplace, the survey of Indian professionals reveal that,

    • Earning the Oracle certification helped them to efficiently accomplish the complex tasks.
    • Oracle certifications have enabled them to accomplish management responsibilities.
    • 84% of the surveyed students reported that their career prospects got enhanced.
    • 80% of the professionals said that there was an increase in their compensation.  

    Key Players:

    The key employers of Oracle certified individuals include, Oracle Corp., and Tata Consultancy Services among others.

    Average Median Salary for Oracle Certified Professionals:

    The average salary as per PayScale is depicted below.

    • Senior Software Engineer/Developer/Engineer - $85070
    • Computer Programmer- $69410
    • Systems Engineer-$68500
    • Database Administrator-$65245
    • Information Technology Architect-$130000
    • Information Technology Manager-$108000

    In a nutshell, earning the highly-recognized Oracle certification enhances the job prospects and its stability.

    oracle certification training

    And, it’s high time for you to join the Oracle family.

    What do you say?

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