Top 6 Benefits of PMP Certification To Organization
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    Top 6 Benefits of PMP Certification To Organization

    Devarpita Pathak | Dec 07, 2017 | 9863 Views | 1 Comments
    Top 6 Benefits of PMP Certification To Organization

    Your Employer Asked You to Earn PMP Certification! Do You Know Why?


    In most of the Project Manager jobs posted on the well-known job sites like the, or the indeed, the key skills mentioned for the said post is PMP. Moreover, in the upcoming years, only the PMP professionals will be hired.


    You may be one of the person pampered so far by the organization. Yet, your employer directed to get PMP certification with a favorable deadline


    “You may be one of the aspiring professionals who want to climb the ladder from the existing post to Project Manager


    You simply want to learn about the benefits of PMP certification for an organization


    If so, then, you are at the right place!


    As a first step, let us understand about the PMP Certification.

    What is PMP Certification?


    • It is the certification program with International credibility. It is recognized by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000.
    • The Credentials are exclusively designed for the project managers. It meets the industry standards.
    • The Certification assures the consumers that the people/or the organization deliver the service that meets the verified standards of practice.
    • The Professionals are competent as they are assessed by reliable way of project management like a scenario-based examination.
    • The program deploys the reliable methodology deployed by the world-class licensing organization.
    • The certified professionals are assessed for the 5E’s of project management competence like the Education for eligibility, Experience, Examination, Ethics, and Education for Certification maintenance.


    The transparent system of assessment acknowledges the credentials of the certified professional.


    Moving forward, if an organization hires them, quite obviously they are going to change the game.


    Let us know the Advantages of PMP Certification


    1. The demand of The Customer:


    Customer service is the motto of any business. Meeting their demand is crucial for businesses irrespective of its segment or size.


    Steve DelGrosso, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and currently serving as Chair of the Project Management Institute"s Board of Directors; the Director of IBM’s Project Management Center of Excellence says in one of his articles to, 2010.


    "The marketplace in the U.S. is demanding the PMP or other project management certification. IBM has seen requests for proposals where the clients are demanding certified project managers be part of the proposal. If you can"t present a certified project manager on their deal, they won"t consider you."


    Generally, the clients are of the opinion that a strong project management discipline is needed in delivering successful projects, and spontaneously believe that there is a qualitative difference between the pool of certified and non-certified candidates.


    2. PMP Professionals are Beyond the Call of the Duty:


    Any employer would hire the people who can go beyond the call of duty.


    Achieving a PMP certification conveys this message to the potential employers and the clients as well. The organization will be benefited as it is possible to undertake new challenges of the project, follow the best practices set forth by PMI, and bring substantive value to the organization’s projects.

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    3. Organization Speaks the Common Language:


    It is a known fact that the team members differ for varied projects. A common business language ensures communication with team members, program manager, the partners or the clients.


    4. For instance: Procurement Audit and Procurement Performance Review  


    The PMP certified professional comprehends the accepted project management framework, communicates with the clients and vendors in a processed and harmonized manner. It reduces the chances of losing a project as there is a common understanding of each process and technique.


    5. Collaboration Made Easy:


    The projects could be delivered with a set of standardized processes amidst unexpected risks. PMPs are able to manage the unexpected as they are learnt to expect the unexpected. When the organization team up with other organization, there would be nothing to blend the processes and fall prey to unwanted or unexpected risks.


    A standard project management techniques and processes make the collaboration easier, saves time, economy and risks are mitigated easily. The processes, tools, and documents endorsed by the PMI ensure a common approach for risk identification, analysis, and its management.


    Following a structured processes adds to the business value and create an environment where collaboration and innovation are met with required competency and less risk.


    6. Make Projects Successful:


    Some of the reasons that could be attributed to a project failure are

    • Poor project specification,
    • Scope of the objectives remain unclear,
    • Timescales are unrealistic or exhibit overoptimism,
    • Fewer resources or inappropriate staff,
    • Failure to manage change
    • Failure to meet client’s expectation,
    • And so forth.


    However, the PMI has introduced a project management framework which is the basis for a PMP. The framework is based after years of research and industrial liaison. Thus, the PMP professionals are capable of managing the project in a smart way and bring success to the project.


    In addition, they are able to save a lot of time and costs to the company they are hired into.


    And, the last but not the least, the PMP professionals will not change their career path. The organizations can invest in them.



    PMP certification is beneficial for the individual and the organization alike. The learning and earning curve keeps raising for the individual. For the organizations, it is crucial to employ them.

    The updated skills, techniques, methodologies, redefined set of tools, and, etc., help the organization to gain new projects, deliver successful projects, increase productivity, and finally the growth of the organization.

    What do you say?

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