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    [CISSP Certification] CISSP Value in Cybersecurity- Mercury Solutions

    Devarpita Pathak | Mar 01, 2018 | 2534 Views | 1 Comments
    [CISSP Certification] CISSP Value in Cybersecurity- Mercury Solutions

    Earning a CISSP credential makes the mission-critical jobs easy as they are hard to fill.

    Knowing the science of penetrating an architecture, analyzing the event, exploiting the vulnerabilities, responding to an incidence, and, so forth brings the organization"s information system into the realm of secure zone. This, in turn, earns the trust of customers, partners, and allied agencies. Here lies the true value of getting certified with CISSP.

    Information technology with security has become the deciding factor in success as it determines the operational efficiency of the company. In addition to the use of latest IT infrastructure, securing the data and assets from misuse/theft is important to gain the trust of the participating partners, employees, customers, and the allied groups.

    Any organization for that matter has to protect their systems from attack [either internal or external]. In order to secure the data systems and the information, there are set standards and methods ensuring the data in safe hands. Apart from technological solutions, qualified IT staff is the need for maintaining security and building trust continuously.

    If you are an Information Security professional or interested in taking up the IT career ladder insecurity, then having an accreditation with a security certification to land up in a company with a good package is highly recommended.

    Among the available information security certifications, one of the most popular credentials is Certified Informations Systems Security Professional [CISSP] provided by the (ISC)².

    The CISSP course is highly recommended for the professional involved in a senior role for Information Security. The course delivers a precise information on the best security standards and security compiled by the (ISC)². Further, it gets updated as and when required.

    Before understanding why one should take up the CISSP certification, let us know what is learned in the course. The learning curricula envelopes a broad spectrum of information security and risk management as mentioned below.

    • Addresses the handling challenges related to protection throughout its life cycle.
    • Helps to build the information systems and architecture to face the threats caused by a malicious attack.
    • Maintains the integrity and confidentiality of the information transmitted on both private and public networks.
    • Provision and manage the identities used for human interaction, disparate information system, and also the individual components.
    • Helps to evaluate the information assets and associated infrastructure with various tools and techniques
    • Helps to use various tools and techniques to identify and mitigate risks
    • Helps to implement the best practices to produce, develop, and operate software environment.

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    In a nutshell, the CISSP certified professionals are able to combat the varied attacks like the active, passive, insider, close-in, distributed, exploit, password, spoof, hijack, and other types.

    With these learnings, the certified professionals are able to raise their career graph. Some of the benefits of earning CISSP certification are briefed below.

    • This certification complies with the International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission [ISO/IEC] 17024 standards and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute [ANSI].
    • The certification delivers the required credibility and raises the visibility. It enhances the security of the existing job or creates a new opportunity to move forward. It is reported that the CISSP certified individual earns 35% higher salary as compared to the non-certified professionals. [Ref: Global Information Security Workforce Study, 2017].
    • The trending technologies and its aggressive implementation like the cloud services, Bring Your Own Device [BYOD], data-driven solutions, social media engagement, Internet of things, and, others is leading to security flaws too. A CISSP certification would help the professional to tackle these challenges in a more effective manner.
    • The certification provides the participating individual with a better and broader understanding in the field of cybersecurity. It helps to challenge oneself with the existing knowledge and gain more.
    • The certification promotes the participating individual to get connected with the elite peer group at the global level. That means to say, you will earn the membership in (ISC)² global community of thought leaders so that you can share ideas to enhance skills and knowledge.
    • The other significant reason is that as the course mainly focuses on the practical application of tools and knowledge related to information security, it helps the professional to explore on-the-job issues and risks.

    A Quick Note on Some Facts Regarding CISSP:

    • The credential was launched way back in 1994.
    • An Independent Information Security Certification granted by International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)².
    • There are 122,289 CISSP certified individuals in the world belonging to 166 countries [as of data, 1st January 2018].  
    • The CISSP certification is accredited under the ANSI ISO/IEC standard 17024:2003.
    • The certification is considered as the baseline for the U.S. National Security Agency’s ISSEP program.
    • When the credential is endorsed by another professional holding the (ISC)² certification adds more value.
    • Current open jobs for CISSP certified individuals is 72,700 as on 18th January 2018.

    So, as you now know the important details, I believe you are now determined to take up the course. At this juncture, I would like to emphasize on another news regarding the exam.

    The exam pattern has changed for the upcoming batch from April 2018 for the individuals opting English as their mode of language, whereas the same existing pattern continues for the professionals who opt for the exam in other languages.

    The new exam pattern is represented below.

    • Mode of Exam: Computer Adaptive Testing [CAT]
    • Duration: Up to 3 hours
    • No.of Questions: 100-150 questions
    • Question Format: Multiple Choice Questions and Advanced Innovative Questions
    • Passing Score: 700 out of 1000 points
    • Language: English
    • Test Center: Pearson VUE Testing Center


    CISSP is one of the preferred certifications in the job listings of the day. If you are determined to take up a lucrative job in cybersecurity, then earning CISSP certification is the right choice for you.

    This content is brought to you by Mercury Solutions Limited, one of the best IT Training Company in India. Mehar Ahluwalia, the founder, with a vision of making the professionals’ career more fulfilling, is dedicated to delivering world-class IT Training programs and Certifications to the global participants.
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