[Infographics] How to Start My Career with Citrix Technology
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    [Infographics] How to Start My Career with Citrix Technology

    Asha Devi N D | Feb 01, 2018 | 1618 Views | 0 Comments
    [Infographics] How to Start My Career with Citrix Technology

    If you have decided to start your career with Citrix Technology, then it is the best option you have made for yourself.

    Congratulations on your choice!

    Let me explain to you, why the choice is best for you?

    In this digital world today, working at remote, connecting with colleagues you have never met in person, working with partners or the clients outside your geographical realm has become the trend and necessity as well.

    Workplace flexibility is not an option, but a compulsive strategy today.

    Even, the companies are working towards it to gain employee engagement and increase productivity. As a result, several companies are opting for Citrix technology because the market direction is towards solutions that are Application Delivery Controlled.

    And obviously, they are hunting for professionals who have earned Citrix certification in order to accelerate their workspace mobility and move their applications to Cloud.

    At this juncture, taking up a career in Citrix is indeed the best choice.

    Let us explore Citrix Technology, its impact, and how to start a career with it.

    About Citrix:

    Citrix Systems, Inc., the American multinational software company provides the application and desktop virtualization, server, networking, software as a service [SaaS] and cloud computing technologies.

    It is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Santa Clara, California. It has its subsidiary operations in California and Massachusetts. Moreover, it has additional centers in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom.

    Presently, it has services at 330,000 organizations worldwide.

    Gartner has named Citrix as the leader in the inaugural content collaboration platforms as per their magic quadrant report.

    And, IDC has recognized Citrix as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Mobility Management Software 2017 Vendor Assessment for providing secure mobile app and device management with Citrix XenMobile.

    Impact of Citrix:  

    Citrix is the leader in the Application Delivery marketplace.

    Easy for end users:

    The end users have to just install the Citrix receiver or the ICA client on their PC. Moreover, there are Citrix admins who can deploy receiver and client through the software delivery packages.

    Run Applications in a different environment:

    The applications could be run easily even when the user is not connected to the network. This creates a great impact on having the mobile workforce.


    Eliminates Downtime:

    The Citrix admins have the provision to scale up with the environment as required. In due course, they are able to have the control over the change management eliminating the downtime.

    Reduction of Support costs:

    The installation of custom applications on individual computers or the help desk calls is greatly reduced with Citrix. Thus, it increases the user productivity and also saves the investment in support costs.

    Let’s move forward!

    How to start with Citrix Technology?

    Citrix learning represents the skills and experience needed to provide successful solutions. Thus, Citrix certification Training is recommended for today’s IT professionals.

    The courses are built around Citrix products: XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile, XenServer, Netscaler, and, Sharefile.

    The Citrix credentials come under three main categories such as Associate, Professional, and the Expert levels.

    The solution-based Citrix Training and Certifications cover up three topic areas. They are:

    • App and Desktop Virtualization
    • Networking
    • Enterprise Mobility Management

    They are as follows:


    App and Desktop Virtualization:

    • Design, Deploy and Manage XenDesktop 7 Solutions
    • CCA-V, CCP-V, CCE-V



    • Validate the Knowledge of NetScaler, Networking Performance, and Optimization
    • CCP-N, CCA-N, and CC-SDWAN


    Enterprise Mobility Management:

    • Design, Deploy, and Manage Mobile Solutions
    • CCP-M

    Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing:

    • CC-ShareFile

    You may select the product that interests you and takes up the level of certification you need. And the mode of learning is also flexible with classroom and online training availability.  

    To make your learning job easier, we have represented the learning path below.


    citrix products


    Where to learn Citrix?

    You may take up a free training from Citrix Education to get an overview of the courses and the products. Moreover, you can have training for interested courses from Citrix Education. Outside it, it is recommended to get trained and certified by official partners of Citrix.

    If you consider the cost of training, the average associate-level exams cost $200 and professional or the expert level exams costs about $300.

    But, I say the investment is worth it. For, you will become the Game Changer.

    You will be able to:

    • Acquire the Most recent skills and knowledge
    • Earn the credentials which are globally recognized
    • Work on Virtualization platforms, Mobility, Networking, and Cloud computing
    • Demonstrate adequate competence in your work profile
    • Reward yourself with top paying IT certifications

    You may expect an annual salary that ranges between $105,086 to $99,411 with a median salary of $102,365.

    Once, you have gained the Citrix certification, it is easy to get a job as you stand distinct in the crowded job market.

    If you look into the online job portals, you can find hundreds of jobs waiting for you including the Citrix firm itself. Several companies hire freshers too. It is not a deal to think about experience at the start stage. There are wide opportunities always available.

    The effort and excellency you gain while learning matters a lot to get you landed up in the right job at the right place.  

    Happy Learning and Happy Landing in a delightful career!

    Did You find it helpful?

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