Top 23 ITIL Certification Benefits to Look 2021 | Mercury Solutions
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    Top 23 ITIL Certification Benefits to Look 2021 | Mercury Solutions

    Devarpita Pathak | Sep 18, 2017 | 41771 Views | 2 Comments
    Top 23 ITIL Certification Benefits to Look 2021 | Mercury Solutions

    ITIL is considered to one of the most widely known approaches to IT Service Management (ITSM) that has been fostered globally by professionals and organizations.

    It can prove to be advantageous for both professionals and companies at the same time when dealing with the usage of IT for the huge transformation, growth or any such business changes.

    As far as, ITIL certifications are concerned, then it becomes quite relevant to point out the fact that these provide a flexible approach to the agenda.

    itil certification levels

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    Moreover, ITIL foundation certificate has also justified varied ITIL features that cater to the best practices.   

    ITIL certifications are now been adopted by thousands of organizations worldwide, including NASA, Microsoft, HSBC, IBM, Caterpillar, and Boeing.

    Keeping this factor in mind an individual can begin with the ITIL certification journey at this very point of time.

    To kick-start your most fruitful expedition of ITIL certifications, you must begin with the foundational level, that is the ITIL foundation training and certification.

    Being the first level of certification, ITIL foundation certification carries numerous benefits along.


    1. Advances IT Service Management (ITSM)

    The major beneficial factor towards earning your ITIL foundation certificate is the grip that a professional will gain in the domain of IT Service Management (ITSM). It will surely help a professional to excel in the field of information technology.

    2. An edge over the rest

    You must have heard and read it a hundred times, but it’s the truth. By being certified, you gain the credibility, advantage, and an edge over the other non-certified professionals or individuals.

    A certification be it ITIL or any other brings immense growth to your way.

    To be more precise, ITIL certification validates your IT service management skills and keeps you ahead of the competitors who seek the same role as you are.

    3. Successful career in IT Service Management

    With ITIL foundation certification, you accelerate your career and after earning your ITIL foundation certificate, you can advance your IT Service Management (ITSM) career via the range of ITIL Intermediate certifications or the ITIL Practitioner certification to build a successful career ahead.

    4. Validate your proven experience

    ITIL foundation certificate not only equips your skills in IT service, it also helps in validating your proven experience to provide support and deliver IT Services.

    5. Improved customer satisfaction

    You learn to adopt a more professional approach towards service delivery that ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction in your current organization.

    6. No more pending work

    It’s a bitter truth that in almost all the departments of an organization, there will be some or the other work lying pending due to any reasonable issue. Being ITIL certified will provide you with the expertise to act as a support system for your organization as you will be able to terminate the cycle of pending work.

    7. Increased pace of work

    This fact turns out to be obvious. When an individual gain a certain quality than their pace and style of work certainly improves. Similarly, ITIL certification increases your pace of work with you being in the IT department of your organization.

    Well, that’s not it!

    ITIL Foundation certificate can be highly rewarding in many more different terms.

    You will also be able to:

    8. Build trust within the organization

    9. Define, measure and report relevant metrics

    10. Demonstrate business focus

    11. Identify alignment opportunities with the business

    12. Identify and focus on the highest value activities

    13. Improve communication

    14. Improve efficiency

    15. Improved ROI of IT

    16. Increased staff retention

    17. Influence the organizational culture

    18. Reduced training costs

    19. Reduction in hidden costs

    20. Save costs

    21. Service multiple customers

    22. Understand your process responsibilities and expected outputs

    23. Unite teams and processes

    Now You know!

    What all your ITIL certification will bring in your way.

    All these factors and benefits are just undeniable due to the ITIL infrastructure library that has now been adopted as the highly-acknowledged approach in the IT service sector worldwide.

    It is now being fairly used to reduce the IT costs of an organization so to transport superior and enhanced services.

    ‘Adopt ITIL and shift to improvement.’

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