Microsoft Certifications Path 2021: Ultimate Guide (Infographics)
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    Microsoft Certifications Path 2021: Ultimate Guide (Infographics)

    Devarpita Pathak | Jan 06, 2018 | 4349 Views | 0 Comments
    Microsoft Certifications Path 2021: Ultimate Guide (Infographics)

    In this tech-competitive world, attaining Training and Certifications are essential so as to enjoy a successful career.

    In this fast-changing technology landscape, the IT organizations are expected to accommodate themselves rapidly to the changing business requirements. Furthering the demand, the employees must be able to help the firms to become more efficient and productive.

    In this lane, Microsoft Certifications are one of the best and in-demand certifications for professionals working across a wide range of industrial segments. It envelopes the company’s significant technology areas such as the database, server, office applications, and operating systems.

    Microsoft certified professionals are likely to get hired against their competitors or non-certified individuals and are able to demonstrate a clear business impact. They need not spend more time in giving interviews to multiple companies as they can easily land up in the desired company with less effort.

    The main reason behind this spontaneous hiring is that the productivity they achieve in a lesser time of exposure to the industry. They are destined to create an immediate business impact, get noticed, and promoted as well. It helps them to cross the career ladder at a faster rate.

    In other words, the certification programs are designed in such a way that it is beneficial for the employees and the employers at varied levels of the career as follows.

    Microsoft Technical Associate [MTA] covers the fundamental technical concepts; whereas Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate [MCSA], Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert [MCSE], and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer [MCSD] are designed to cover increasingly complex levels of Microsoft specific technologies.

    latest microsoft certification path

    Let us learn more about Microsoft Certification Path, and its categories in-depth.

    The Microsoft certifications generally fall into six categories, namely Mobility, App Builder, Cloud, Business, productivity, and Data.

    The related certifications in these categories are briefed below.

    Category 1: MOBILITY


    mobility category


    MTA: IT Infrastructure: The curriculum of this certification envelopes and addresses the fundamental concepts, and validates the core technical knowledge. Your technical credibility will earn you a position in desktop, server infrastructure, or the private cloud.

    MCSA: Windows 10: It proves your expertise in configuring, managing, and maintain the Windows 10 system. You can be easily positioned as the computer support specialist.

    MCSE: Mobility: The certification validates your skills essential to managing the mobile devices. It qualifies you for a career that ranges from traditional desktop support technician to managing BYOD devices and the apps as well.


    Category 2: APP BUILDER

    app builder category

    MTA Developer Data management and analytics: With this certification, one can build a career as the software developer. It introduces you to the fundamentals of the software development. Once, you acknowledge this basic, you can opt for additional topics in the track.

    MCSA: Universal Windows Platform: The certification helps you to implement Universal Windows Platform apps across the Window devices. You can attain the position as a software developer or the quality engineer in the job market.

    MCSA: Web Application: If you intend to become a web developer or the web administrator, then this certification is meant for you. Earning of this certification helps you to implement modern web apps.

    MCSD: App Builder: The certification enables you to build mobile and/or web applications and services. This certification qualifies you to take up the positions as an application developer.  


    Category 3: BUSINESS

    Business category

    MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 It helps you to implement Universal Windows Platform apps across the Windows devices. You will be positioned as a technical support engineer, system administrator, or the implementation consultant.

    MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations This certification is especially meant for technical consultants, programmers, and IT personnel. It makes them expertise in implementing the basic technical and developmental tasks essential for customizing and operating the Microsoft Dynamics 365.

    MCSE: Business Application: You will be able to manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies and get expertise in one or more business additionally. It helps you to take up the position as a technical support engineer, system administrator, implementation consultant, or the Dynamics 365 developer.

    Category 4: CLOUD

    Cloud category

    MTA: Infrastructure: The certification is meant for you if interested to pursue a career in desktop/server infrastructure and private cloud computing.

    MCSA: Cloud platform: This certification positions you as the cloud administrator or the architect. You will be able to reduce the IT costs and add value to the existing business through demonstrating Microsoft cloud-related technologies.

    MCSA: Linux on Azure: The certification enables you to design, architect, implement cloud-enabled Linux solutions leveraging the Microsoft Azure open source capabilities. It is necessary to update yourself in today’s cloud-native era.

    MCSA: Windows Server 2016: The certification scales up your knowledge to install, configure, operate, networking, and focus on functionality with Windows Server 2016. Mastery gained by this certification helps you to reduce IT costs and add business value.

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    MCSA: Windows Server 2012: The certification will qualify you to take up the position as the computer network specialist or the computer systems administrator. It helps you to install, configure, and administer Windows Server 2012.

    MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure: Earning this certification will enable you to run the modern data center, gain expertise in cloud technologies, virtualization, storage, systems management, and networking. In the competitive job market, you can easily the positions as the computer support specialist, cloud administrator, information security analyst, and, the cloud architect.

    Category 5: PRODUCTIVITY


    Productivity category

    MOS: This certification is a lifetime gain as you will be able to make the most out of MS-Office. Further, it forms a great entry point for pursuing a higher level of Microsoft certifications.  

    MTA: Infrastructure: This certification helps you to gain knowledge and expertise in fundamentals of cloud, mobility and device, security fundamentals, networking, or the Windows server administration as per your choice of field.

    MCSA: Office 365: This is a very important certification as it validates your skills in administering the cloud-hosted business applications. This will gain you positions like SaaS administrator, cloud applications administrator and manage business productivity such as the Exchange, SharePoint, or the Skype.

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    MCSE: Productivity: Evidently, this expert certification validates the skills necessary to move the company to the Cloud environment [as everyone is doing today]. Further, you can increase the flexibility or user productivity, reduce the loss of data, and enhance data security.


    Category 6: DATA

    Data category

    MTA: IT Infrastructure: This certification helps you to get acquainted with technical concepts and build a career in data platform administration or business intelligence.

    MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development This certification enables you to extract, transform, & load [ETL]. It validates your skill for data warehouse along with the implementation of BI solutions.

    MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration: The certification helps you to get acquainted with required skills for installation, maintenance, configuration, and provisioning tasks. It qualifies you for the database administrator or infrastructure specialist position.

    MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development: Database is the buzzword for the digital world today. This certification helps you to get the database professional skills for on-premises and cloud-based databases as well.

    MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014: This certification earns you the position as the software or the database developer, database analyst. It provides you with the helpful insights to develop and maintain the mission-critical environments.

    MCSA: Machine Learning: Machine learning is the end of the day. It helps you gain knowledge in machine learning, process and analyze the large data sets with R and use of cloud services in Azure to deploy intelligent solutions.

    MCSA: BI Reporting: Earning this certification helps you to gain adequate knowledge in analyzing and visualizing the data, modeling, dashboards, and data sources in Excel and Power BI.

    MCSA: Data Engineering with Azure: Earn this certification to gain the knowledge necessary for designing and building analytics, operational solutions on Azure. It also helps to implement big data engineering workflows on HDInsight.

    MCSE: Data Management and Analytics: The certification helps you to demonstrate the skill sets required for SQL administration, enterprise-scale data solutions, and, leverage business intelligence data. It qualifies you for jobs as the database designer, business intelligence analyst, and database analyst.


    In a nutshell, Microsoft delivers a wide range of certification programs and helps you to advance your career to the next level. You can definitely demonstrate a clear business impact and bring the modern and necessary change in the existing business.

    So, this new year you may go ahead to plan the right certification of your interest and add value to your resume/career.

    Which certification are you planning to take up this year?

    Please share in the comments

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