[Just Announced] PMP Exam Change 2020: All you need to know Before & After
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    [Just Announced] PMP Exam Change 2020: All you need to know Before & After

    Devarpita Pathak | Sep 02, 2019 | 761 Views | 0 Comments
     [Just Announced] PMP Exam Change 2020:  All you need to know Before & After

    How often have we heard the phrase - ‘Change is the only constant…’ Some say changes are always for good and others beg to differ. Well, some have optimistic views whereas others are realistic. Needless to say that every change wants us to evolve from our previous self, no matter how trivial or big it is. If there was no change, there wouldn"t be any growth or evolution. It is the law of nature. In technology, it is even more so.

    With the latest changes in the workplace culture, environment and globalization, perspectives of management and project handling tactics have undergone dramatic changes. Some of us work from a remote location and part of our teamwork from home or located at an overseas station. Considering all these new changes, PMI has recently announced the [PMP Certification exam] changes, starting from June 2020. This latest announcement is intended to give you ample time to get your application submitted and prepare to take the exam before the exam changes.


    Just Announced: PMP Exam Change 2020 All you need to know Before & After

    The exam outline provides a basic structure and description of the number of questions that will be on the PMP exam. For instance, the outline might state that 24% of the exam questions will be based on the Planning section. The structure has dramatically changed as hence it is the exam pattern. Have a look:

    PMP Examination Content Outline and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)

    Just Announced: PMP Exam Change 2020 All you need to know Before & After

    Course Outline and Exam Based on:

    Based on feedback from customers and stakeholders, PMI has worked on simplifying the format so that the PMP Examination Content Outline is easier to understand and interpret.

    You will now find Domains, Tasks, and Enablers as defined by the Role Delineation Study.

    • Domain: It is defined as the high-level knowledge area that is essential to the practice of project management.
    • Domain: Tasks are the underlying responsibilities of the project manager within each domain area.
    • Enablers: These are illustrative examples of the work associated with the task. Please note that enablers are not meant to be an exhaustive list but rather offer a few examples to help demonstrate what the task encompasses.

    What Are the Content Outline and Exam Based On?

    Interestingly, the content outline this time is based on a role-delineation study of project managers that are performed by PMI about every 4 years. In this manner, PMI gathers and research on the data describing the role and work of project managers in the workplace. This interesting study is created by the Exam Content Outline which provides the underpinnings of the certification exam. This includes the percentage of the questions by domain, the tasks of the project manager by domain and skills associated with the project manager’s role. So, in order to keep up the PMP exam consistently with the roles and responsibilities of project managers in the job.

    Last Content Outline Change

    This is your last chance to seek the PMP Certification [existing version]. Last time it happened in 2015. Last time it changes 25% of the exam content as the result of the study.

    What can I do in the coming months to get my PMP certification?

    Well, firstly focus on attaining the PMP Certification as soon as it is released. In the interim, you still have time to take the current exam. There are upcoming training batches in multiple formats available with us and we provide the most-effective and flexible method to avail training and gain certification. You gain focussed lecture sessions, real-world skills and practical techniques to gain insights and to equip with skills in order to gain the certification.

    Check out the upcoming PMP-exam prep training batch of 2019:

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