Ultimate Guide To Microsoft SATV [Benefits, Eligible Courses, How to redeem]
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    Ultimate Guide To Microsoft SATV [Benefits, Eligible Courses, How to redeem]

    Devarpita Pathak | Feb 20, 2018 | 2023 Views | 0 Comments
    Ultimate Guide To Microsoft SATV [Benefits, Eligible Courses, How to redeem]

    Get your IT staff certified to deploy, manage, and support the latest Microsoft technologies without creating an impact on the budget with the help of Microsoft Software Assurance training vouchers [Microsoft SATV].

     Microsoft SATVs provides an in-depth training on latest Microsoft technologies for the IT professionals and the developers. The Microsoft SATV courses are handled by the Microsoft certified trainers and is available as classroom training and eLearning.

    In business, you have to respond to the changing technology and meet its challenges to stay ahead of the curve. Whatever the businesses you are into or the size of the business you are dealing with, it does not matter. What matters is that to have an effective and efficient IT infrastructure which rules your business landscape.   

    Implementation of Microsoft technology is one of the best-adapted technologies to drive business goals. To gain the full advantage of the investments your business makes on IT, your employees must be able to use the Microsoft products efficiently.

    In addition, they must be given the rights to deploy and manage the new services. In order to make them respond quickly to the changes, you can make the best use of Microsoft Software Assurance benefits.  

    Microsoft Software Assurance training benefits:

    When you make significant IT investments, the Software Assurance from the Microsoft gives you full opportunity to take the value of the investments you put. It helps to empower your people with the right training so as to optimize the technology with the right tools and thus save your time and money.

    In brief, the Software Assurance helps you to:

    • Cut down the service/software costs by providing the rights to new releases
    • Enhance the operational efficiency of the licensing rights for new technology accessibility
    • Deliver a responsive IT infrastructure with complete support
    • Provide technical and end-user training online with the modalities namely Software Assurance eLearning and Software Assurance training vouchers [SATV].  

    In case of technical training, your employees would get classroom training from the Microsoft certified trainers through authorized Microsoft learning partners by the redemption of the Microsoft SATVs.

    In the case of end-user training, your employees can opt for self-paced interactive eLearning and gain the current knowledge and skills.

    Let us investigate more and learn about what are Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers 

    Microsoft SATV Path

    Microsoft SATVs are meant for redemption by the IT professionals and the developers to learn, deploy, support new software through Microsoft certified trainers. They can avail the SATVs from their employees and get training at authorized Microsoft learning partners’ center.

    The Software Assurance is available for the company when you buy/renew the Volume Licensing agreement. Microsoft Volume Licensing forms the most effective way to acquire Microsoft services. Though it is a compulsion in some and an optional purchase for other agreements, your company will get training days in number depending on the qualifying licenses.   

    And the training vouchers expire with the Software Assurance coverage, and the validity of the newly created voucher is for 180 days.  

    Moving further, all the courses are not eligible for creating vouchers. They include Microsoft official courseware designed for the IT developers/professionals and other courses like:

    • 10967: Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure
    • 10553: Fundamentals of XAML and Microsoft Expression Blend
    • 10802: Microsoft Enterprise Search for IT Professionals
    • 10958: Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications
    • 10965: IT Service Management with System Center Service Manager

    A few of the SATV ineligible courses include Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Press Books, and, etc.

    Going ahead, let us see

    How you as a company can avail the vouchers and create them for your selected employees so that they can redeem it as required.

    Being a Software Assurance customers, you can avail the SATVs by following the simple steps briefed below.

    • Step 1: Being a customer, you should have a membership for the Microsoft product pools.
    • Step 2: The software assurance benefits should be activated at Volume Licensing Service Center [VLSC].
    • Step 3: In VLSC, you have to fill the necessary details of the employees, voucher worth, corporate email address, and, etc.
    • Step 4: Thus, you can assign and create the SATVs to the select employee electronically.
    • Step 5: The employees have to redeem the voucher by participating in the required course within 180 days of its creation.

    How your employees can redeem the Microsoft SATVs?

    Once your employees get the SATVs, they have to search for the relevant courses from the SATV catalog and its availability at the participating center, get approved from the concerned authority, schedule the dates, get registered for the said course, attend and earn the certification.

    Mention not to say, the participating Microsoft learning partners get the fee through their Microsoft vendors.

    Now, let us move further and know about the actual benefits of redeeming the Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers.

    • Enhance your employee skills with the latest Microsoft technologies.
    • Reduce your IT training costs as it comes under the SA coverage.
    • Your employees acquire competent knowledge and skills without any additional budget  
    • The prices you/employees utilize is guaranteed as it is unique across the globe
    • Your employees get the best training from the top-trainers
    • Your employees are poised with choices of learning at free of cost

    And, if you want to know more about the Microsoft voucher program, we are here to help you. You can get in touch with us anytime.

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