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    [PMP vs ITIL]: Which is Better? | Mercury Solutions

    Devarpita Pathak | Dec 27, 2017 | 3033 Views | 0 Comments
    [PMP vs ITIL]: Which is Better? | Mercury Solutions

    In continuation of our earlier posts on Benefits of availing PMP certification and the ITIL certification , let us move further and discuss the feasibility of earning both the certifications or either of them and its reliability in the crowded job market.  

    Though it may be a tough call to decide one or the best among them as both carries their significant identity and value, we will have a different outlook by coupling the benefits at a broader horizon.

    In this techno-competitive era, apart from having updated knowledge and skill, there is a need for thought leaders too who can integrate the skills par excellence. Let us take the call in this direction and move forward.

    Well, as we all know, ITIL focuses on the service action of the organization as a whole whereas PMP directs for execution of individual projects within an organization.  

    What favors or interests you entirely depends upon your personal goal, profession, and its demanding skills.

    9 Ways to Choose Which is Better: ITIL or PMP?

    If your profession calls for IT Service management to gain business value through customer services, ITIL is the best option. And if you want to grow in technical leadership or management, then obviously PMP stands as the right option.  

    ITIL equips you with the skill of service level delivery and PMP gives you the skill of project management.

    And there is an option for the double treat too!


    You can go for both!

    Let us move further and deep dive into these two certifications!

    1. Axelos holds the intellectual property rights for ITIL. It stands for Information Technology and Infrastructure Library whereas Project Management Institute holds PMP rights and PMP stands for Project Management Professional.

    2. Both the certification carries market value across the globe.

    The job roles for PMP certified individual includes Project Manager, Program Manager, Portfolio Professionals, Risk Management Professionals, Specialist role in Project Scheduling, Project Manager-Software Development.

    The job roles for ITIL certified Professional are Process coordinator, Problem Manager, Release Manager, Service Desk Manager, or the Consultant.

    3. ITIL gives a set of best practices for IT Service management and establishes the process, procedures, tasks, and the checklists that can be used by any organization so as to establish integration with the firm"s strategy, value, compliance, and its maintenance.  

    PMP gives a complete insight into the Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, and Closing, the 5 Phases of Project Management in a better and competent manner. It enhances the knowledge and skills to handle any kind, number or size of the projects.

    4. The ITIL comes with five levels of certifications namely Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and the Master whereas there are no such levels in case of PMP certification.

    5. ITIL is for aspiring candidates in IT and the group includes IT professionals, business managers, and the business process owners. PMP is meant for professionals who have minimum three years of experience in project management.

    6. The ITIL is exclusively meant for IT service management practitioners whereas PMP has no limitation on the industry to manage the projects.

    7. The exam mainly covers ITIL service lifecycle like the service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation, and, continual service improvement. The PMP exam mainly walks through the five phases of project management like initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing.

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    8. The ITIL credential is valid for lifetime, whereas PMP credential has to get renewed every three years with 60 PDUs for each recertification cycle with a report to PMI.

    9. Benefits of the Certifications:

    ITIL certification helps to increase business productivity, enhance customer service and satisfaction and fills the skill gap for the aspiring individual.

    PMP certification enhances the knowledge and skills so as to handle the projects efficiently irrespective of its size, number or the industry. Nowadays, it has become mandatory to earn this certification for PMP position.



    If you want to maximize your company’s effectiveness, earning ITIL certification and PMP as well definitely help you a lot.

    Having checkpoints at various levels will guarantee you to keep your performance level at its peak and services up-to-date.

    These certifications have a strong and positive impact on how you can support a business or the department as a whole.

    It helps you to lead the harder projects without wasting time, money or the skills.

    Obviously, this is a credit to you, your organization, and the customers as well

    Still, we find professionals who believe that they are entirely different frameworks and one is enough. Of course, they serve different purposes but work wonders when used together. The ITIL framework addresses the IT organization in a business-driven manner, whereas the PMP framework focuses on the projects and its implementation throughout the entire organization.

    Several IT organizations may not yet have realized what ITIL and PMP framework could do in combination. They might not have recognized the efficient and timely completion of the projects in this context.

    But You Can Be the Game Changer for the Organization You are Serving For!

    What do you say? Post your comments!

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