CCSP Certification Training Course

    Key Features

    • passing90-95% Passing score

    • passingOnline Live Instructor Led Sessions

    • passingExtensive research and study

    • passingTrainers with over 10 years of experience

    • passingLMS access

    • passingAccess to Recorded Sessions Post Training

    • passingMaterials

    CCSP Training Overview

    Mercury Solutions aims at providing a CCSP certification course to candidates aiming to make a career in cybersecurity. The CCSP training is for candidates who wish to enhance their career growth, knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. The Certified Cloud Security Professional is a renowned credential offered to cloud and cybersecurity professionals. The (ISC)2 CCSP training is a top-level standardised cloud security course.


    The exam cost for Certified Cloud Security Professional is US $599

    While you can get CCSP certified without experience but your certificate will not be validated

    The candidates need 5 years of minimum experience in which at least 3 years of Information security work experience, 1 year of experience in 1 or more than one domain from the 6 domains of Certified Cloud Security Professional.1 year of experience in 1 or more of the domains can be substituted by CSA’s CCSK certificate. CISSP credential can be used to substitute the entire work experience requirement in CCSP.

    There are 125 MCQ’s questions in the CCSP exam.

    The average salary of a certified cloud professional is US $30695

    The best audience for CCSP certification is:-

    • Security Consultants
    • Cloud Infrastructure Architects
    • Cloud Computing Professionals
    • Security Engineers
    • System Architects
    • Security Architects
    • Security Managers
    • System Engineers
    • Security Administrators
    • Enterprise Architects

    CCSP certification training is meant for those candidates who know about cybersecurity with cloud computing.

    • The most sought after cloud security certification
    • High paying job
    • More job opportunities
    • Cloud security is the future

    CCSP Fee Structure & Schedule

    Batch Date Batch Type Time Training Mode Enquire

    *Training Fee: INR 29000 + 18% GST

    *Exam fee not included, Prices applicable only for Indian residents with residency proof.

    CCSP Course Duration

    The CCSP certification course takes 8 days to complete.

    About CCSP Course

    The CCSP Certification (Certified Cloud Security Professional) is a globally recognized credential that represents the top-level standardized cloud security proficiency, that is leading the information security and cloud computing soundness.

    CCSP training is created to ensure that the Cloud professionals will have the requisite most in-demand knowledge, abilities and skills in the cloud security formulation, designing, implementation, controls, operations, architecture, and strict compliance accord with regulatory frameworks. In the CCSP online training, the cloud security masters learn to apply information security to the cloud computing environment and showcase their competence in cloud design, services orchestration, security, & operations.

    CCSP certification has been created under ANSI review in compliance with the stringent obligation of ANSI/ISO/IEC standard 17024. CCSP course and certification is an important credential for Cloud Computing professionals to prove their skills, advancement in career and gains aid from the body of cybersecurity leaders for a smooth professional journey.

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    CSSP Certification Course Content

    Domain 1: Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design

    • Understanding Basic Cloud Computing Concepts
    • Describing the Cloud Reference Architecture
    • Understanding Security Concepts
    • Understanding of Design Principles
    • Evaluating Cloud Service Providers

    Domain 2: Cloud Data Security

    • Describing Basic of Cloud Data Concepts
    • Designing and Implementation of Cloud Data Storage Architectures
    • Designing and Application of Data Security Technologies and Strategies
    • Implementation of Data Discovery
    • Implementation Of the Data Classification
    • Designing and Implementation of Information Rights Management (IRM)
    • Planning and Implementation of Data Retention, Deletion and Archiving Policies
    • Design and Implementation of Auditability, Traceability and Accountability
    • Domain 3: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

      • Comprehending the Cloud Infrastructure Components
      • Designing a Secure Data Center
      • Analyzation of Risks Associated with Cloud Infrastructure
      • Designing and Planning of Security Controls
      • Plan Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC)

      Domain 4: Cloud Application Security

      • Advocate GUidance and Awareness for Application Security
      • Describing the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process Application of the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Application Cloud Software Assurance and Validation Using the Verified Secure Software Comprehend the Specifics of Cloud Application Architecture Designing the Appropriate Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions

      Domain 5: Cloud Security Operations

      • Implementation and Build Physical and Logical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment
      • Operation of Physical and Logical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment
      • Managing the Physical and Logical Infrastructure for Cloud Environment
      • Implementation of Operational Controls and Standards (e.g., ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000-1)
      • Digital Forensics Supporting
      • Managing Communication with Relevant Parties
      • Management of Security Operations

      Domain 6: Legal, Risk and Compliance

      • Articulation of Legal Requirements and Unique Risks
      • Understanding Privacy Issues
      • Understanding Audit Process, Methodologies, and Required Adaptations for a
      • Cloud Environment
      • Understanding Implications of Cloud to Enterprise Risk Management
      • Understanding Outsourcing and Cloud Contract Design

    Mercury Solutions CCSP Training Completion Certificate

    CCSP refers to the Certified Cloud Security Professional, a renowned credential offered to the cloud and cybersecurity professionals. CCSP is a globally recognized cloud security certification. With the CCSP training, candidates can validate and enhance their cloud security skills and knowledge. Mercury Solutions help candidates secure that. Mercury Solutions aims at providing Access to Recorded Sessions Post Training, LMS Access, Online Live Instructor-Led Sessions, and a completion certificate at the end of the training. The course at Mercury Solutions is 8 days long and has 6 domains as part of the training program.


    CCSP Certification Training Course FAQs

    Yes, after completion of the training program Mercury Solutions provide training completion certificate

    Mercury Solutions is one of the most accredited and renowned training centers for CCSP. Mercury Solutions aims at providing certified trainers with over 10 years of experience along with LMS access, Mock tests, 90-95% passing score, Video recorded class sessions for later viewing and more.

    • Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design 17%
    • Cloud Data Security 19%
    • Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security 17%
    • Cloud Application Security 17%
    • Cloud Security Operations 17%
    • Legal, Risk and Compliance 13%

    The passing score for CCSP is 700 out of 1000 points

    Some jobs after CCSP certification where professionals can get are:-

    • Security Architect
    • Security Manager
    • Security Administrator
    • Enterprise Architect
    • Systems Architect
    • Security Engineer
    • Security Consultant
    • Systems Engineer

    No, the CCSP training program at Mercury Solutions is Online Live Instructor Led Sessions along with Access to Recorded Sessions Post Training

    Just like other certificates CCSP certification also expires after 3 years.

    CCSP is the most sought after and globally recognised certificate making it the best cloud security certificate.

    To maintain a CCSP certificate you need to earn 30CPEs per year and 90 CPEs in 3 years and also submit an Annual Maintenance Fee of $100

    The best training center for the ISC2 CCSP training course online is Mercury Solutions. Mercury Solutions provide LMS access, Video recorded sessions of class for later viewing, 90-95% passing score and more. Mercury Solutions provides training program for India, USA, UK, Middle East and Singapore.

    CCSP Course Reviews

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