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    Course Information

    The VMware Mirage Install, Configure, Manage V5.0 training program imparts necessary knowledge to install and deploy a single image management system for desktop images using a VMware Horizon Mirage.

    Installation of Mirage 5.0 will help participants perform a hardware migration, perform disaster recovery, identify tasks for SSL configuration, perform different management functions, and explore how Mirage can fit into VMware end-user computing vision.


    1. Course Introduction

    • Course Objectives
    • Introduction to Course Logistics

    2. Introduction to Mirage
    • Define the main Mirage user classifications
    • Describing the key concepts of Mirage
    • Describing Mirage features and benefits
    • Explore how Mirage works with VMware Horizon® 6

    3. Components and Architecture
    • Defining the Mirage layers
    • Identifying the function of each of the Mirage solution components
    • Diagram the Mirage architecture

    4. Installing and Configuring Mirage
    • Describing the process for deploying the Mirage client
    • Outlining the tasks for installing and configuring Mirage
    • Identifying the high-level tasks for upgrading Mirage

    5. Mirage Web Manager
    • Describing how to use Mirage Web Manager logs
    • Recognize how to configure SSL on Mirage Web Manager
    • Identifying the main installation and configuration tasks for Mirage Web Manager

    6. Mirage Management Overview
    • Describe how Mirage roles are set up and used
    • Explain the main Image Composer functions
    • Recognize the process for setting up static and dynamic centralized virtual desktop (CVD) collections
    • Explain how to use the Mirage dashboard and transaction logs to monitor your Mirage system environment

    7. Mirage Single Image Management
    • Explaining how to set up a reference machine
    • Diagram the layer management life cycle
    • Recognizing the process for capturing and assigning base layers and application layers

    8. Windows Migrations
    • Identifying the steps for performing a Windows migration
    • Explain how you can monitor the Windows migration process
    • Describing the difference between in-place and replacement migrations
    • Discuss the ways that you can troubleshoot a migration
    • Exploring the steps that you must take to prepare your environment for a Windows migration
    • Demonstrating the processes by which a migration happens

    9. Endpoint Protection with Mirage
    • Explaining the Mirage endpoint disaster recovery options
    • Discussing the backup capabilities of Mirage and how upload policies are used to define backup parameters

    10. Working with the Mirage File Portal
    • Explain the process for configuring the Mirage file portal
    • Describe how to access files using the Mirage file portal
    • Identifying how to configure end-user CVD mapping
    • Recognize how to browse and view files in the Mirage file portal

    11. Mirage Security
    • Identifying tasks for performing SSL configuration on a Mirage system
    • Explaining how to configure Mirage load balancing
    • Recognize the architecture and components of the Mirage Gateway server and how they interact


    The VMware Mirage Install, Configure, Manage V5.0 training course is ideal for those working with the profiles of:

    • Experienced system administrators
    • System integrators responsible for deploying Mirage


    Required prerequisites include completion of one of the following:

    • Ability to use VMware vSphere® Client™ to view the state of virtual machines, datastores, and networks
    • Ability to navigate Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2008.
    • Experience accessing the guest operating system from the VMware vCenter Server™ virtual machine console


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