VMware Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.1]




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    Course Information

    This course provides fundamental knowledge of installing, configuring and managing the VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.1. This training course prepares the IT Professionals with easy creation and deployment of the SRM infrastructure in writing and testing disaster recovery plans.


    1. Course Introduction

    • Outline an overview of Site Recovery Manager
    • Outlining the necessary information to effectively undertake this course
    • Identifying resources for additional information

    2. Overview and Architecture

    • Define Site Recovery Manager integration with VMware vSphere® Web Client
    • Discuss how Site Recovery Manager supports several disaster recovery topologies
    • Explore Site Recovery Manager features
    • Examination of disaster recovery options with Site Recovery Manager
    • Identify use cases for Site Recovery Manager across various scenarios
    • Analyze Site Recovery Manager storage policies and integration options
    • Compare disaster recovery with VMware vCloud® Air™ and Site Recovery Manager 

    3. Installing Site Recovery Manager

    • Define the credentials required for Site Recovery Manager site pairing
    • Determine prerequisites for installing a Site Recovery Manager server and the associated database
    • Describing the Site Recovery Manager site-pairing process
    • Determine prerequisites for the Site Recovery Manager database
    • Identifying the necessary components to deploy and use Site Recovery Manager
    • Discuss requirements for VMware ESXi™ hosts and virtual machines with which Site Recovery Manager operates
    • Installing the Site Recovery Manager software

    4. Configuring Inventory Mappings

    • Outlining the importance of inventory mappings
    • Examining configuration options for inventory mappings
    • Outlining the importance of placeholders

    5. Storage Replication

    • Describing vSphere Replication
    • Describing array-based replication
    • Contrast Site Recovery Manager storage replication options

    6. Deploying Replication

    • Define storage replication adapters
    • Define the process for adding an array manager in Site Recovery Manager
    • Registering a vSphere Replication server
    • Formulating use cases for vSphere Replication
    • Discuss vSphere Replication architecture
    • Deploying a vSphere Replication appliance
    • Configuration of vSphere Replication appliance settings
    • Configuration of a vSphere Replication appliance connection
    • Deploying a vSphere Replication server
    • Examining vSphere Replication functionality

    7. Configuring vSphere Replication

    • Define the vSphere Replication disk transfer protocol
    • Define vSphere Replication recovery point objective scheduling
    • Configuration of vSphere Replication for virtual machines
    • Discuss the importance of data store mappings

    8. Building Protection Groups

    • Creating a protection group
    • Creating a storage profile protection group
    • Defining protection group functionality
    • Discussion on protection group settings
    • Remove protection from a virtual machine
    • Examining the differences between array-based protection group, storage profile protection groups and vSphere Replication protection groups

    9. Building Recovery Plans

    • Outline how to implement a recovery plan
    • Listing recovery plan steps
    • Investigating recovery plan options
    • Describing the customization of recovery plans
    • Discussing network planning
    • Discussing recovery plan concepts
    • Discussion on customization options in recovery planning
    • Recognize Site Recovery Manager alarm options

    10. Testing and Running a Recovery Plan

    • Outlining how to conduct a recovery plan test
    • Identifying the effects on the storage layer during recovery steps
    • Identifying Site Recovery Manager workflows
    • Identifying the recovery steps for each execution type
    • Describing planned migration
    • Describing how to re-protect a data center
    • Discussing use cases for Site Recovery Manager
    • Discussing the importance of VMware vSphere® VMFS resign at curing
    • Performing recovery plan test execution
    • Reviewing recovery plan reports
    • Understanding storage layer changes for plan execution types
    • Examining fallback steps
    • Examining Site Recovery Manager integration with various vSphere technologies
    • Explaining a recovery plan execution in planned migration or disaster recovery mode


    The VMware site recovery manager Install, Configure, Manage V6.1 training course is ideal for those working with the profiles of:

    • Architects
    • System Engineers
    • vSphere Administrators
    • Systems integrators who are responsible for the deployment or management of SRM


    Required prerequisites include completion of one of the following:

    • Elementary knowledge of storage array technology
    • Elementary knowledge of disaster recovery concepts
    • Completion of VMware vSphere 6: Install, Configure, Manage (VICM) or equivalent experience


    Name Code Fee
    VMware Certified Professional (VCP) - [VCP6-DCV] VCP6-DCV USD 276
    VMware Certified Associate (VCA) - [VCA] VCA USD 138



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