VMware vCloud Automation Center: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0]




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    This training course renders essential knowledge of installing, configuring and managing VMware vCloud Automation Center. The training will equip you with fundamental methodologies like the creation of multi-vendor cloud services, and self-service provisioning that helps in the configuration of vCloud Automation Center platform.

    1. Course Introduction

    • Course Outline
    • Course Objectives
    • Course Goals
    • Introduction to Course logistics

    2. Architecture and Components
      • Defining the user interface elements of vCloud Automation Center
      • Defining network ports and protocols required for communication between vCloud Automation Center components
      • Identifying the components of vCloud Automation Center
      • Identifying the benefits of the software-defined data center
      • Describing the architecture for deploying vCloud Automation Center as a cloud management platform for a multivendor hybrid cloud
      • Determining vCloud Automation Center design options
      • Explaining how vCloud Automation Center integrates with other VMware products

      3. Installation
      • Identify the vCloud Automation Center appliances and component installers
      • Explain the vCloud Automation Center installation prerequisites
      • Describing the vCloud Automation Center installation procedure

      4. Configuring IaaS
      • Create tenants
      • Identify fabric groups, business groups, and reservations
      • Identify how vCloud Automation Center discovers compute resources
      • Identify and configure vCloud Automation Center endpoints
      • Create and manage reservations for computing resources
      • Define the vCloud Automation Center roles
      • Define relationships between vCloud Automation Center entities

      5. Blueprints and Catalog Services
      • Manage service catalog items with entitlements and approval policies
      • Create and Manage Single-Machine and Multi-Machine blueprints

      6. Provisioning Services
      • Create approval policies
      • Use build profiles
      • Use custom properties
      • Use the property dictionary
      • Manage self-provisioned machines
      • Provision new machines and services
      • Identify approval policy levels and approval phases

      7. Extensibility
      • Identifying extensibility and customization options
      • Configure plug-ins for external integration
      • Deploy vCenter Orchestrator
      • Deploy Advanced Service Designer
      • Deploy vCloud Automation Designer to edit an existing workflow

      8. Monitoring and Reclamation
      • Managing machine leases
      • Identify and verify inactive and abandoned resources
      • Managing machine reclamation

      9. Operational Management
      • Report financial data for a cloud infrastructure
      • Configure VMware® IT Business Management Suite™ Standard Edition
      • Troubleshoot common ITBM problems

      10. Managing Applications
      • Create, manage, and update applications
      • Configure application provisioning
      • Identify the vCloud Application Director infrastructure components and requirements
      • Define the role of vCloud Application Director
      • Deploy and manage vCloud Application Director
      • Manage catalog services

      The VMware vCloud Automation Center Install, Configure, Manage V6.0 training course is ideal for those working with the profiles of:

      • System Integrators
      • Cloud Administrators
      • Operational Developers
      • Experienced System Administrators

      Required prerequisites include completion of one of the following:

      • Knowledge of VMware vSphere Install, Configure, Manage [V5.x] or its equivalent

      Name Code Fee
      VMware Certified Professional (VCP) - [VCP-Cloud] VCP-Cloud USD 276
      VMware Certified Associate (VCA) - [VCA] VCA USD 138



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