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    Benefits of Microsoft Certification You Were Unaware of | Mercury

    Asha Devi N D | Apr 09, 2018 | 2902 Views | 0 Comments
    Benefits of Microsoft Certification You Were Unaware of | Mercury

    Microsoft Certifications is the industry standard and most of the companies acknowledge this credential with regard. Evidently, IT employers are investing in training and assessment for their staff as per the survey by computer-based testing company Pearson VUE. This survey result also declares that Microsoft holds the first position among the top ten certification programs.

    As we witness the aggressive trend of Microsoft technology adoption, and the investments it puts on the upcoming trends, there is an increasing need for Microsoft certified professionals.

    Being the best in-demand certifications, Microsoft accommodates the significant technology areas like the Office Applications, Operating Systems, Database, Cloud, Server, and more. It best fits for the professionals working in varied business segments.

    And, earning the Microsoft certifications evaluates the participants’ knowledge and competence in specific products, technologies, and, solutions. 

    As per the industry studies,

    Microsoft Corporation is one of the key players in the Augmented Reality and mixed reality industry.


    The Herald Analyst too suggest that it is one of the key players in the global Artificial Intelligence Software market 2018.


    It is also the key player in Australia’s ICT Market and is the core technology the enterprises are investing in.


    It is all set to invest $5bn into the Internet of Things [IoT] over the next four years in a move and says will “ give every customer the ability to transform their business”.


    Obviously, these factors clearly indicate the welcoming adoption of the technology and the need of more professionals in its realm. In correlation with earning of the Microsoft certification, genuine advantages have been investigated and gathered here.

    As a known fact, the certification programs are designed effectively with increasing complex level of specific technologies that it could be easily accommodated by the candidates at varying levels of their career.  

    The hierarchy of Microsoft Certifications includes:

    • Microsoft Technical Associate [MTA]
    • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate [MCSA]
    • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert [MCSE]
    • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer [MCSD]

    And they come under six main categories. They include:

    A] Data
    B] Mobility
    C] App Builder
    D] Cloud
    E] Business
    F] Productivity

    The range of certification program helps to advance your career and demonstrates a clear business impact in the firm you are serving.

    Let us investigate the Benefits of Microsoft certification

    • Microsoft offers certifications for all of its products and having a certification validates your skill in the concerned product.
    • Cloud computing jobs are an all-time high and are expected to rise even more in coming years. The technologies such as Hyper-V and other cloud certifications make your profile highly valuable for the hiring managers.
    • Your value in the job market increases as compared to the non-certified ones and is likely to get hired easily as a preferred choice by the employers.
    • There is a strong assurance of wages for the certified candidates. You will earn more as compared to the non-certified colleagues.  
    • Microsoft Certified Professionals get recognition immediately in the workplace as they are able to make noticeable upgrades in the system.
    • It is certainly worth spending time and money, as you get easily promoted and is likely to entrusted in supervising the team.

    Key Employers:

    The key employers of Microsoft Certified Professional include Kinetic-IT, Hewlett-Packard, Dimension-Data, Accenture, Datacom, SMS Management and Technology, Fujitsu, Accor, and more.

    Average Median Salary [Pay Scale] for Microsoft Certified Individuals in India::

    • Systems Administrator Rs 409,062
    • Software Engineer Rs 478,533
    • Senior Software Engineer Rs 712,325
    • Information Technology (IT) Manager Rs 813,185
    • Software Developer Rs 426,425
    • Desktop Support Engineer Rs 175,666
    • Project Manager Rs 1,210,403

    Moving further, when you clear the first MCP exam, you gain access to MCP benefits. They are as briefed below.

    • View, download or buy the certificate copies earned.
    • Track the progress of the certification.
    • Download the official certification logos.
    • Download and share the official transcript.
    • Buy apparels and accessories having the certification logos.
    • Get connected with the peer group.
    • Get access to special offers on Microsoft products.
    • Search for any job opportunities or find suitable training.

    To conclude, the challenging certification courses offered by Microsoft inculcates an in-depth understanding of the product suites and helps you to gain the competitive advantage.

    Being a certified individual, you are likely to spend less time in attending interviews, as you get hired faster, and start driving value for the firm.

    Moreover, the hiring manager"s job is also made easy as they are able to trust the employee beforehand and effectively fill the positions.  

    So, it’s time to make an agreeable business impact by earning certifications.  

    This content is brought to you by Mercury Solutions Limited, one of the best IT Training Company in India. Mehar Ahluwalia, the founder, with a vision of making the professionals’ career more fulfilling, is dedicated to delivering world-class IT Training programs and Certifications to the global participants.
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