(Infographics) Career Benefits of doing Microsoft SharePoint Certification
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    (Infographics) Career Benefits of doing Microsoft SharePoint Certification

    Asha Devi N D | May 07, 2018 | 988 Views | 0 Comments
    (Infographics) Career Benefits of doing Microsoft SharePoint Certification

    Microsoft SharePoint adoption is universal. Being one of the business collaboration resources, Microsoft SharePoint is adopted by nearly 200 million that is spread across 75,000 global business organizations.

    It has its footage in varied web-based app development companies and enterprises.

    Here is a brief study of the definition, features, and benefits of Microsoft SharePoint in enterprises.

    SharePoint, the enterprise information portal of Microsoft facilitates the individuals, team, and the expertise to access information and collaborate effectively. It could be configured to run the Internet sites, Intranet, and Extranet.

    Techopedia defines SharePoint as “Microsoft SharePoint is a popular business platform that supports a wide variety of projects, from simple document management solutions to networking portals and Internet sites. Since it was launched in 2001, SharePoint has emerged as a common IT resource for diverse enterprises.


    By using SharePoint, you will be able to manage your documents, data, social activities, and so forth. Moreover, you can manage your colleague’s work too.

    The two principal products of SharePoint includes:

    • Windows SharePoint Services [WSS]: Provides the basic CMS functionality
    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server [MOSS]: Integrate SharePoint functionality to Office application.

    SharePoint facilitates to:

    • Set a centralized space for document sharing and of course, it is password protected.
    • The documents could be stored, edited, or downloaded as required.

    A few of the SharePoint 2016 features are highlighted below:







    Complaint to delete documents/hold policies in place


    Web Parts

    XSLT files are customized to content query and summary links


    Document Library

    It has new document library accessibility features


    Access Services

    Support Apps, upgrades, and more



    Resource-based URLs are durable



    The connections are encrypted by default


    Site Collections

    Site collections are created at a faster rate



    Provide support for special characters



    Integrate on-premises farm with Office 365 productivity experiences


    Identity & Search

    Has same data loss capabilities in Office 365


    Information Right Management [IRM]

    Provides IRM capabilities to secure information


    Image & Video

    Preview images and videos




    It ensures accessibility to web browsers namely, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.

    how to learn microsoft sharepoint


    Business Activities:

    The business activities are simplified in such a way that the workflows like initiation, tracking, reporting, reviewing of the document, collection of signature[s], and, etc., could be done without coding. Further, email and client applications also could be integrated easily.

    Centralized Administration:

    The managers are able to access and manage the

    • System settings
    • SharePoint farms
    • Application management
    • Backups and restoration
    • Upgradation
    • Configuration wizards


    As mentioned, the team members are updated with project movement simultaneously. The streamlined approach to team-based work enhances the spirit of the whole team and information are shared effortlessly.

    Consolidation of Site:

    All of the sites could be incorporated in one platform and thus reduce the associated costs. The Internet, Intranet, and extranet are consolidated in this way. Moreover, the technologies already running in the office like Exchange Server, Office, and, etc., also work uninterrupted.


    The team is able to use unique tools they need for their work profile.

    Through SharePoint, you have the option to keep features as they come or your development team has the ability to build custom applications and components with ease. Through this option, your team will always be able to access the specific tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Additionally, administrators can customize the entire SharePoint experience with your organization’s branding

    Ease of Use:

    SharePoint is easy to use and one can create the business solutions and tools without any assistance either from the developer or who does not any technical background of web development. With the programs available in SharePoint, one may easily update the website or create specific online tool.

    Fast Business Process:

    You are able to collect the data from suppliers, partners, and customers through the web browser without writing codes. You can gather accurate and consistent data that are integrated into backend systems and thus avoid errors.

    Make Informed Decisions:

    Centralized Report Center sites help the users to have one place to assemble and display the business-critical data. As business data are connected and updated regularly, the concerned authorities are able to make informed decisions. Even multilingual content is managed efficiently owing to library templates.  

    Meets regulatory requirements:

    You can easily ensure that your sensitive business is effectively managed. Further, the litigation risks could be reduced as the policies comply with the regulations.


    It has the ability to protect the data integrity and prevents unauthorized usage. It includes managing the permissions to folders, documents, web applications, and, etc., without any compromise.

    Single and Integrated Platform:

    As SharePoint is built on a scalable architecture, web service support and interoperability standards [XML and SOAP], and so forth, the new IT investments are also easy to incorporate. Thus, everything is available on the single and integrated platform.

    The implementation of SharePoint into a business leads to several benefits which imply, there is the need for certified professionals who can handle and derive these benefits for the business.

    Here comes the necessity for accomplishing Microsoft SharePoint Certification for the IT professionals or the developer.

    Let us know the individual roles of these certified professionals.

    Role of SharePoint Administrators:

    A few of the major roles anticipated by a SharePoint Administrator are briefed below.


    • Manage the SharePoint system servers
    • Troubleshoot and fix the server in case of issues
    • Check for patches and updates as and when required
    • Set permissions for the employees/specified department to use it
    • Make use of the system to be more efficient and effective
    • Review of files, accounts, and, sites regularly


    Role of SharePoint Developers:

    A few of the major roles anticipated by a SharePoint Developer are briefed below.

    • Use and interact with the computer
    • Familiar with the SharePoint offerings
    • Write, modify, and debug the software
    • Create code to single-threaded or user interface event driven applications
    • Test and document the software for the clients
    • Use of visual development environment and the source debuggers



    Benefits of Earning Microsoft SharePoint Certification:

    • It improves the marketability for you as a developer or the IT Professional. Still, documented cases and references are required.
    • A certification earns you an elite peer group and helps to get connected with them and thus increasing the credibility.
    • Obviously, there is a hike in salary and position as compared to the non-certified colleagues.
      • The average median salary for SharePoint developer ranges between INR 243,131 - INR 1,065,840 and for SharePoint Administrator ranges between INR 245,333 - INR 1,218,483 in India.
    • It demonstrates the trust that could be laid on the company’s business by the clients as they feel their projects are in skilled hands.


    Thus, being the desirable credential, an investment in Microsoft Training and Certification would draw the prospective employers attention and lands you in a lucrative job with a hefty package.

    It’s time to enroll yourself in the best and competent Microsoft SharePoint courses.

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