EC Council CEH V10 The Best Hacking Certification
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    EC Council CEH V10 The Best Hacking Certification

    Shubham Mehta | Oct 23, 2019 | 667 Views | 0 Comments
    EC Council CEH V10 The Best  Hacking Certification

    Ethical Hackers are professionals attempting to penetrate a network, system, application or other IT source on the permission of its owner to eliminate their vulnerabilities before a black hat hacker potentially exploit. Before hiring an ethical hacker the first thing an employers looks for is their certification as a Certified Ethical Hacker. Simply because an ethical hacker uses many methodologies & tools that further connects different digital devices including network and cloud.

    CEH Raked as a Prefered Certification

    CyberSeek in one of their reports stated that there are approximately 769,000 Cybersecurity jobs in the US. Business News Daily further reported that most of the employers are looking for a CEH reason being a Certified Ethical Hacker is considered to be the best in the information security certification for 2019. Around 10,780 jobs are only for a CEH in the US industry.

    There are various ways to secure systems and for providing enough protection against cyber threats, skilled professionals are needed which is short on supply. Considering such market conditions Infosec has listed top 7 security certifications that require highly skilled professionals. In this list, CEH stands top of this list. Infosec further stated that CEH is one of the foundation courses offered by EC-Council is serving other advanced specialized certifications.

    Even the fortune 500 companies are helpless with CEH Professional with them. This program is also a part of cybersecurity curriculum in many prominent degree programs offered by famous universities across the world.

    CEH the Latest Iteration

    • Phases & Tools of Ethical Hacking:

      Introduction of CEH v10 has broken the previous records, where the program is updated with advanced tools & techniques that are currently in practice amongst hackers and security professionals. This course equips professionals with the ability to get into the hackers’ mindset and facilitates them with learnings to employ a systematic ethical hacking process.

    • This consists of 5 phases in ethical hacking:-


      b.Gaining access


      d.Maintaining access

      e.Covering your tracks

    • Many Vectors:

      CEH provides detailed insights into many emerging vectors such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud Computing & IoT. This also includes various solutions for hacks performed using the AI. This is crucial because this cannot be performed efficiently along with anti-malware software or antivirus. The great part about CEH is that it is updated covering all the latest methodologies brought from different vectors which include financial malware, banking, Android malware, latest malware and IoT botnets.

    • IoT & Vulnerability analysis:

      The updated Iteration has created a module dedicate categorically on the vulnerability analysis showing the vulnerability management life cycle & various tools & approaches used for performing vulnerability assessment. Where the module focuses on spotting loopholes from the targeted end systems, organization"s networks and communication infrastructure. The new curriculum further covers potential threats to IoT & methodologies to defend IoT devices securely.

    • Mapping, Recognitions and Accreditations:

      CEH maps to National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework under Defend speciality & Protect areas. Which ensure a Certified Ethical Hacker is qualified for jobs relevant to the mapped speciality. It further is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI ). This Signifies that a CEH has acquired to the predefined industrial requirements. Where CEH adds up to the members" value & credibility. CEH is unique in itself since it is listed as the baseline certification on the United States Department of Defense Directive 8570.

    Despite all these reasons that show how & why CEH is at the top of the list, however, pursuing a CEH course is pointless if it doesn’t fetch you a good earning opportunity. Cybercrime across the globe has affected 68% of the businesses, which is why CEH is high in demand. Organizations are thriving in the industry with the idea to stay on the top, this is why they don’t mind offering a good salary to CEH professionals.

    Sources have shown that CEH is one of the top 15 highly paid IT certification jobs of 2018. CEH is a certification that entitles CEH professionals to an average earning of $106,375. Since cybercrime is on the rise and companies are not shying away from spending those extra bucks on cybersecurity infrastructure, there cannot be a better time than this to make a carer in CEH.

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