Top Features and Benefits of Office 365 You Are Already Enjoying

    Top Features and Benefits of Office 365 You Are Already Enjoying

    Asha Devi N D | May 25, 2018 | 1084 Views | 1 Comments
    Top Features and Benefits of Office 365 You Are Already Enjoying

    Office 365 provides the access anywhere to the Office tools, enterprise-grade mails, document management, business process workflows, and, etc. here is a quick rundown of its cool features and benefits, that would compel you to set up Office 365 today.  

    As we have understood the basics now, it is time for us to move forward and seek the features and benefits of Office 365

    You are bound to experience the same Office look and feel on the PCs, tablets, and any other devices. Before leveraging the Office 365 for business, let us understand its features and benefits.


    Real-Time Co-Authoring:

    The files like Word, Excel or the PowerPoint could be saved to SharePoint or OneDrive in such a way that others too can work with you. It could be shared directly through the integrated sidebar.  

    Chat with Co-workers:

    The Skype in-app integration feature could be used to chat, share screens, make an audio or the video conversations. Moreover, the conversation could be continued via Skype on the desktop or the phone.

    Inserting Links to Stored Files:

    The file could be uploaded to Office 365’s cloud storage and insert the link in the email using Outlook. The people who have received the mail are able to access the file that could be restricted whenever required.

    Creating calendar events in Outlook:

    The notes that are made could be converted as calendar events and assigned to the concerned authorities with deadlines or the reminders as required. The meeting minutes in OneNote could be shared as well.

    Use mouse as the laser pointer:

    During Powerpoint presentations, the mouse could be turned as the laser pointer with a keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+P]. The presenter mode commands could also be used for the touch-screen devices.

    Convert the data into the map:

    With the Power Map, the data could be turned into a 3D interactive map and use the filters like list, advanced, range, as well. Thus, the data could be visualized, analyzed, and insights could be shared.

    PDF Conversion:

    The Microsoft Office 365 is integrated with save as PDF feature. Once the document work is done, it could be easily converted and also back to document for editing without facing any formatting issues.

    Resume Reading:

    The Word is able to bookmark automatically the last read page and facilitates the reader to pick up from the last page left for further reading. This resume reading feature is compatible with different devices too.

    Email storage capacity:

    Each user is granted with 50GB storage for email, tasks, notes, calendar, attachments, and contacts with Exchange online. Furthermore, more space could be saved in the mailbox by using the OneDrive cloud storage.

    Further, the clutter feature automatically uses the mailbox rules and organize the emails as per high-priority messages.

    In-line reply to unopened email:

    The reading pane facilitates to preview the email content and hit reply in the same main Outlook Window. There is no need to open each message in the different Windows and the conversation could be viewed at a glance.

    Work Offline and from anywhere:

    As the OneDrive storage is synced to the device, one can work with the files offline and it gets updated automatically once gets connected to the Internet.

    Moreover, with the Office 365 subscription, Office Web Apps also comes along with it. This facilitates to work on cloud files from the web browser on an internet-connected computer, smartphones or the tablet.  

    Office 365 Planner:

    Office 365 Planner helps to plan the workflow and collaborate with the colleagues. The project management tool facilitates to create a plan, assign tasks, organize and share files, set due dates, update the status, and more.

    Switch between Accounts:

    The OneDrive for business and the personal account could be easily linked and toggled for Android.

    This facilitates the use of both the accounts anywhere easily without any glitch. The switching between these accounts is easy.

    Images, Drawings, and Text:

    Sway, the cloud representation software is integrated with Bing image search and automatically suggests the images based on the words in the presentation and gets updated as you add or edit.

    With the help of lasso tool, the scribbled notes into the Onenote could be converted to regular text.




    The Office 365 applications are accessed through 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption and thus cannot be intercepted by unauthorized persons. It has updated antivirus signatures, compliance with Microsoft Trustworthy Computing initiative, uses anti-spam filtering, multiple virus engines, Forefront Online Protection for Exchange [FOPE], and all with regular security audits.


    The Microsoft Online Services has a services level agreement [SLA] with 99.9 percent scheduled uptime. There are several data centers across the world with a redundant network architecture. If any of them gets outraged, the other one acts as the backup and customers are transferred to it with little or no service interruption.


    It is in compliance with the industry and government regulations. It is certified as compliant with ISO 27001 standards, SAS 70 Type I and II audit, EU Safe Harbor seal. It also complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA] and Health insurance Portability and Accountability [HIPAA].  


    It is not necessary to upgrade desktop systems to the latest OS in order to use Office 365. MS online services support the Windows 7, Vista [SP2], XP SP3, XP Home edition, and so forth. Even Mac users can access Office 365 using OS X 10.5 [Leopard] or 10.6 [Snow Leopard].  

    Further, the online web portal works well with Internet Explorer 7/later, Apple Safari 3.x, Mozilla Firefox 3.x. And the Outlook web app gets accessed by Google Chrome 3 and its later versions.

    Updated versions:

    The companies and the users receive all the features and functionalities of the latest versions related to Microsoft server products.

    Further, the Active Directory Federation Services [ADFS] could be configured so as to achieve single sign-on. The users may log on to the domain and get authenticated to Office 365 automatically.  

    Other Benefits:

    It gives benefits of using Exchange Online, SharePoint, Lync, Office Web Apps, and, more.

    Top 9 Benefits of Office 365 for Your Business [PPT]  

    Thus, Microsoft 365 is beneficial in all aspects and most of the top industries and organizations connect with Office 365. A few of the sectors include manufacturing, financial services, business services, high tech, energy, and so forth.

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