14 Best Microsoft 70-461 Exam Prep Tips & Tricks

    14 Best Microsoft 70-461 Exam Prep Tips & Tricks

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    14 Best Microsoft 70-461 Exam Prep Tips & Tricks

    Microsoft certifications are internationally known and are always at the peak of its demand graph.

    Most importantly the recruiters are more likely to consider candidates who are Microsoft certified than those who are not. The reason behind it is the industry standards that have been set by Microsoft through the wide range of its training and certifications, which are accepted worldwide.

    There are several advantages linked with Microsoft certifications and one fruitful benefit of being Microsoft certified is that you gain credibility and eventually, you will be able to join the group of industry experts.  

    To begin with, your Microsoft Certification journey you may choose to go for Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014, it is one of the course/exam listed under the most demanded certification of all times, namely ‘MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014.’

    This exam is often considered hard to clear, therefore here are few tips and tricks to make it easier for you to pass your Microsoft 70-461 certification exam on the first go.

    Before starting off with the technicalities of the topic, it is important for us to understand that no matter what exam it is, we need to keep our focus and determination in place until we achieve our target. With this thought let’s begin.

    Microsoft 70461 Exam Prep Tips and Tricks

    1. Take the overview of the course

    Ones starting to learn a new course, you must always keep in mind to give yourself an introduction to the same. Such a practice can help you to deal with a subject in a better way possible. Knowing a course from start to end can also build a level of confidence in you and to mentally prepare you for the upcoming topics.



    2. Introduce yourself with SQL Server

    Now that you will be well versed with all the topics covered in this course, it’s time for you to follow each topic step by step. Start with the introduction to SQL Server, dig deep into the topic and know the major pieces in it. Such as the following,

    • SQL Server Architecture
    • SQL Server Edition and Version

    3.  Use the SQL Server

    It is prevalent that the practical knowledge works wonders when compared with theoretical.

    Therefore, you must start using SQL Server, it will provide you with a firm grip on the topic. This hands-on practice will make you more familiar with SQL Server and will also help you to understand the process of SQL Server installation in a much better way. Hence, it’s time for you to familiarize yourself with,

    • Downloading of SQL Server and SSMS
    • Installation of SQL Server and SSMS

    4. Use the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

    Your next step should rely on understanding the basic functionalities of SSMS. This means you will start to,

    • Work-on SQL Server Management Studio
    • Organize T-SQL scripts
    • Create T-SQL scripts

    5. Write SELECT Queries

    It is now time for you to start writing “SELECT” Queries. Basically, you must learn and familiarize yourself with writing a query.

    6. Writing a Basic query

    As soon as you’ll begin with earlier step, you will now know the methodology of writing SELECT queries or rather writing a basic query. In this step, you must practice the following to strengthen your knowledge base,

    • Write simple select statements
    • Use column and table aliases
    • Eliminate duplicates with distinct

    7. Begin to Sort data

    Now you must start sorting of data that was returning from a query.

    8. Ordering of data

    To sort data, you must know the tact of ordering a data in ascending and descending values.

    9. Limiting results

    You must now start to learn the method to limit results with the top. This method will involve the practice to return to the first row from a result.

    10. Paging

    It now time for you to understand the methodology of paging with offset and fetch. This will involve the learning of the steps to return to the middle portion of a result.

    It will include the following,

    • Offset
    • Fetch

    11. Filter data

    You must now learn the method of excluding the entries that are no more required or necessary for you. Because every data is not appropriate to be saved. So learning this step like the others also comes out to be a win-win.

    12. Introduce yourself to filtering

    While getting to know filtering, you will understand the functionalities of the where clause. While doing so you must get familiar with the following,

    • WHERE Clause
    • Comparison Operators
    • BETWEEN and IN


    13. Learn the Boolean logic

    In this step, you must learn the technique of writing filters with varied filter conditions. This step will involve,

    • Learning the usage of AND, OR and NOT
    • Learning the usage of together and under order of evaluation


    14. Match pattern

    In this concluding step, you must learn and understand the method to use the like operator in order to moderately match the data. This will include,

    • LIKE Operator
    • Applying Wildcards

    And you’re done! Just follow these steps to prepare well for your Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Exam.

    ‘The foundational course for all SQL Server related disciplines.’
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