Brand Valuation Through Cyber Security at The Time of Asset Mergers & Acquisition
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    Brand Valuation Through Cyber Security at The Time of Asset Mergers & Acquisition

    Shubham Mehta | Oct 22, 2019 | 403 Views | 0 Comments
    Brand Valuation Through Cyber Security at The Time of Asset Mergers & Acquisition

    During a Merger & Acquisition (M&A) the first thing an M&A auditor looks at is the cybersecurity Infrastructure while targetting a prospectus company for such a cause cyber security training. In recent research conducted by (ISC)² , it was found that about 95% of the respondents stated that during a Mergers & Acquisition cyber security course Infrastructure is something that"s of prime concern to the auditors. This research was taken up by professionals like the investment and research analysts, compliance officers, general partners, principals & risk officers, managing directors and venture partners

    Where a strong infrastructure can be assessed based upon the soft assets like security awareness training programs and risk management policies. In the same research, it was further reported that 82% of the respondents believe that the more the infrastructure is guarded the higher are the chances for a company to acquire that prospectus company.

    Cybersecurity Infrastructure viewed as an Asset During Mergers & Acquisitions

    In case the cybersecurity infrastructures are weak it would be considered as a liability for the, to be parent company. This simply means that companies who have taken their cybersecurity lightly at some point in time it"ll pull down their sale prices.

    It has been seen that around 82% of the M&A auditors across the globe also considers IT tools once the cyber security course infrastructures have been taken into account. This goes to prove that buyers would avoid acquiring ventures that are ineffective in keeping their data safe. For the simple reason that this one weakness will act as a liability for the acquiring company in the nearing future. there are cyber security courses in Delhi. Hyderabad, Kerala, Bangalore

    Hence the bottom line is, the stronger your cybersecurity program is, the more valuable your company becomes since it demonstrates who your potential buyer would be. Do remember that buyers look at the security track record so how well you’ve handled your security along the way makes a huge difference. This also includes how you’ve rectified any past breaches. There are many institutes that provide cyber security training at very reasonable fees.

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