7 Tips That’ll Help You Pass Your Microsoft Exams
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    7 Tips That’ll Help You Pass Your Microsoft Exams

    Devarpita Pathak | Jul 18, 2018 | 1609 Views | 0 Comments
    7 Tips That’ll Help You Pass Your Microsoft Exams

    There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. -Colin Powell

    A quick rundown on this piece of content will definitely help you to relate all of the learned and tested tactics so far, freshens the memory, kick-off the sluggishness or fearfulness away, and increase the chance of passing your upcoming Microsoft certification exam successfully.

    Have a look at these 7 simple tips to pass your Microsoft Certification(s) exam

    There is nothing called effective techniques that will simply push you to pass an exam in reality.

    But there are ways to limit the stress before and during the exam. There are simple tips to get it worked during the course and in the exam hall.

    The motivation to pass the exam comes from your heart and mind.

    Getting organized wins the show.

    Time management, organizing the syllabus, understanding the concepts, filing of the data, keeping tracking of the learned concepts, revising the solutions, and being analytical with the practical solutions as a professional are the ways to pass your exam.

    If you feel confident, stress-free and got prepared with the concepts, you are going to win. Just you have to time yourself.

    And, that’s it!

    Now, let’s begin with these 7 simple tips to pass your Microsoft Certification Exams

    1. Resource Collection:

    If you can collect all the necessary resources, half of your work is done.

    Microsoft publishes the exam description for almost all courses offered by them. It describes the skills measured against topics and its weightage. This will help you to concentrate on the major topics easily.

    A] There are video tutorials, books for purchase, practice tests, and, other additional resources that will help you to prepare for the exam.

    B] You may join the Microsoft Training and Certification Community to look for resources, events, and peers’ advice on the website.

    C] You may find your Microsoft Certification Study Group by clicking the given link as suggested by Microsoft learning on the website.

    D] Use Microsoft Official Course [MOC] content. Additionally, you may search on Google for any related subject matter.

    2. Training:

    It is recommended to take Training from the Microsoft learning partners. The vendor-certified and seasoned trainers help you to gain the latest knowledge, provide practical tips on writing the answers.

    It is also recommended to have your own labs to run the scenarios. Do it yourself and test your skills with a real solution.


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    3. Jot Down Notes:

    It is as simple as we did during our college days. Making notes, cheat sheet, diagrams, and, etc., of our own that is understood by only us is the common tried-and-tested method by one and all.

    You can bet me on this, how many times we have remembered the lines from notes striking as a picture in our mind as we read through the question paper?

    Yes! It is the successful method since we started giving exams and holds good here too as a professional. This has worked for you and me for years and will just work now also.

    4. Self-discipline:

    Create your deadline for each chapter. Work on deadlines chapter by chapter so that you have time for revising rather than cribbing at the eleventh hour.

    Re-take the practice tests unless and until you get an appreciable score. Understand the explanations and principle for eliminating the answers in MCQs instead of memorizing it.

    Do not assume or memorize answers.

    5. Relax:

    Have an easy attitude. Be ease and feel relaxed at work and during preparation.

    If you cut a Sunday preparation for a movie with your unexpected good old friend who visited you after long years, do not worry. Play cool.

    6. Time Management:

    Time always tick-on and tick-off. It’s how you can derive the most of it. Time management is important during preparation and also at the exam hall.

    I understand, being a professional it is hard to allot time. Still, instead of hurrying for an exam, you can always choose to take up the training, learning at first phase, and take the exam in the next phase, once you feel confident. It’s would be a well-planned and prepared exam.

    Time management is indeed a skill we have to learn and keep learning all the way. With no new thing added, it is recommended to divide the chapters with a favorable deadline and keep it ticking on.

    Likewise, in the exam hall too, it is always recommended to finish off the questions ten-fifteen minutes earlier the scheduled time, so that you may review the answers.  

    7. It’s Your D-Day:

    And, so you are on the battlefield now. Do not panic!

    If you feel you are going to miss out on a question, it’s ok. In the long years of exams, I believe no one has completely attended the questions including the supervisors over there. [Let’s keep the genius fellows apart].

    At times, the questions may be out of the field for you, let it be. When you don’t know the answer, try to narrow down the options by an elimination process.

    Still, you need to take all the questions seriously to answer.

    Most of the approaches mentioned over here are tried and tested ones by us for years. It is going to work for even today also.

    You are here to win and nothing less than it. Just walk out of the psychological hang-out of taking exams after years or as a professional.

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    The Day is for You!

    Happy Learnings from Mercury!

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