CISM as a course is a business-orientated course making it very beneficial for candidates. To secure a job in CISM one must prepare for the interview questions as they are the milestone to securing a job in any country and industry with a high-paying cheque.

    Explain different levels of data classification and its requirements.

    "Data required to be separated into numerous categories to make it useful for everyone in the organization. Because the unsegregated data is a piece of information that is relevant for one, and not important for others. The levels of data classification vary from enterprise to enterprise: Top secret- The leakage of these kinds of information can turn into drastic events for organizations. Confidential- Leakage of internal pieces of information like processes, policies, etc. Public- Available easily at any platform like newsletters, etc. "

    What are the ways to spread awareness about information security policies and procedures among employees?

    "There exist many ways through which it can be done: Mandating the information security training post joining of the employees in an organization. A yearly update by conducting classroom training sessions followed by online training or quiz can be helpful. Providing regular updates in form of slides, on pagers, etc. that ensure employee awareness towards information security policies and procedures of the enterprise. "

    Which certification(s) do you possess?

    Here you have to answer that which cybersecurity certification do you gained with formal training like CISM etc. The interviewer wants proof of your experience which your certification can facilitate. Moreover, it showcases your strong points, realms that you excelled in. You are required to do complete research before going for the interview, which ensures you obtained the in-line certifications.

    What is data leakage? Explain its detection and prevention.

    "Data leakage is a process of outsourcing important organizational data without any proper authorization. It can be done in many ways like prints, emails, laptops memory loss, illegitimate transfer of data to other servers, etc. The detection and control can be done in many ways like following an internal encryption answer, limiting the mails to the internal network, limiting web uploads, imposing restrictions on confidential data printing, etc."

    How are various security objectives being governed?

    Numerous security subjects are regulated with the assistance of KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Let's understand with an example of a windows patch, decided KPI can be 99%. It implies that 99% of the PCs will retain the latest or previous month’s patch. On identical lines, several security objects can be governed.

    What is Security Misconfiguration?

    Security misconfiguration is a susceptibility when a device/network/application is configured in a direction that can be manipulated by an attacker to snatch the benefit of it. This can be as easy as evacuating the default username/password untouched or too modest for device accounts etc.

    Define Cryptography.

    Cryptography is a technique used to secure information from third parties known as adversaries. It allows senders and recipients both to read the detail of the message only.

    Elaborate traceroute.

    Traceroute is a tool that showcases the packet path. It records all those points through which the packet passes. It is utilized when the packet doesn’t reach its destination. Traceroute is employed to check where connections stop or break to identify the failure.

    State the productivity you envisioned in the first 90 days of your work.

    For answering these questions you need to encompass, how your communication has been build with your team members, where you get to know more about them, and how you can work with them. You need to speak about your strategy through which you will understand the requirements of managers and stakeholders to achieve while creating a strong bond with your peers. You can also question the ways you can provide more positive outcomes.

    Provide a technique to secure a server.

    "The answer can be put into steps, specifically if it refers to a type of server. Your answer will connect with your decision-making abilities and your thinking process. As there exist many ways to answer this question. You might provide a reference of the principle of least privilege or trust no one concepts that will be a good way to present your idea. "

    Explain the clean desk policy.

    A clean desk policy defines as a program that ensures the safety of data in the absence of employees at work. It is a critical part of the cybersecurity of organizations because data security should be least dependent on employees who shows up during work time only. It needs to depend on the technological backup, so a clean desk policy is observed.

    What is shoulder surfing?

    It is a kind of physical assault that includes actual physical sneaking into people’s screens while they are typing information in semi-public places.

    Give an idea of the personal threat model.

    It is an interesting question that focuses on your thinking about cybersecurity on a personal basis. How’re your self-examining skills to look for what information can be at risk within your present job? With your personal life? The way of presentation proves your mentality extended to proactive consideration in cybersecurity that can make your profile look more potential in you.

    What are your learnings from your failures?

    Failures or risk of failures is part of the job in any defensive cybersecurity role. Understanding the amount of thought and introspection a professional puts into learning from their failures is a critical attribute. You need to prepare some case studies and answers for them that are deeper and efficient. Your critical thinking, how situations go wrong, and how you bounce back are all part of your answer.

    What’s your familiarity with industry cybersecurity law?

    These questions test your knowledge and proficiency in legal requirements and frameworks in different industries. In case a professional applies for a sensitive regulated industry like healthcare or financial services, you need to be proactive and do research towards the guidelines and laws regulated that market.?

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